Friday, December 04, 2015

Starting to decorate for Christmas

In years gone by, I would get all my decorations out during the last week of November, and have a big family tree-decorating party on the last Saturday.  It doesn't happen that way any more  I start mid November and bring the decorations out a little at a time.  We have a small townhouse unit, so I don't bother with a big tree.  I have a little table-top tree that plugs in, and that is enough for our tiny place.

One of the first decorations to come out every year is the carousel.  It is a family favorite.
Danica snuggled up in  a blanket and listened for a while
JJ then got the front and centre seat.
While Danica went off to explore the rest of the house, JJ settled in to read his favorite Christmas book beside the carousel. 

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MARY G said...

I had one of those once, not as nice as yours. The kids loved it to death.