Monday, December 28, 2015

Busy week before Christmas started with a BD party

The Sunday  before Christmas was Shauna's BD, so we planned a small outing with her and the kids, then went back to our house for a party.
We met at a local nursery and walked through the big greenhouses filled with Christmas trees.  The kids had fun running up and down the aisles checking out all the trees, while Shauna and I enjoyed drinking in the most marvelous fragrance. 
One of the greenhouses was heated, and filled with the most beautiful displays of Christmas ornaments.  This is where we bought our Christmas tree the first year we moved to the area.
Don't think you can see them in this picture, but both kids picked out sparkly magic wands, and then wandered around sprinkling sparkle dust over one and all.  

The weather wasn't nice enough to go for a walk in the woods, or visit a park, so after our visit to the Christmas store at the nursery we headed back to our house to open gifts, play some games and have a BD dinner.  We helped the kids make little story books for Shauna, and here we see that Danica is very pleased when Shauna reads the story she wrote for her.
JJ enjoys a snack while Shauna reads his story book.

Two peas in a pod!  Dani thinks the card Buppa made for Mommy is pretty neat.
While we waited for dinner to be ready, Shauna helped Danica learn the Cat's Cradle game
Then she worked on a puzzle with JJ
I'll post more party fun and games later this week.  Stay tuned....

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