Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Birthday party - Part II

Before and after dinner we played lots of games
Buppa explaining this fascinating new game of Jacks to the kids.  Yes, everything old is new again.
Getting the hang of it.
Concentrating on the perfect throw
JJ and Buppa working together on a new strategy.  Buppa throws the ball up and JJ tries to scoop up the whole row of Jacks
JJ tries his hand at Cat's Cradle
Danica perfects the Witch's broom while we wait for dinner to be served
The entrance of the cake and the singing of Happy Birthday To You  Dani is growing up, so she is now able to carry the cake.  JJ helped by carrying the cake plates for now.  In a couple of years, he will graduate to the "cake carrier" position.  
Helping mommy blow out the candles.  This is always a highlight for the kids, and is usually followed by a finger tip swiped across the icing.  Rascals all!
So, that's the way out week began.  Fun and games at the party to be followed by three days of babysitting now that the kids are out of school for the holidays, but parents are still at work.  I had better tighten up my running shoes and eat my Wheaties so I can keep up with them.

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Regenia said...

I didn't realize the games from our childhood like Jacks were still popular! I hope it was a good birthday.