Monday, December 14, 2015

Sleepover Fun - December 2015

JJ was here for a sleepover this weekend, so that meant lots of one-on-one time with Buppa.  After a trip to three different stores to pick out his sleepover treats, we headed back home with our haul.  While I made dinner, JJ and Buppa went to work on a jigsaw puzzle.
Buppa helped, but JJ did a lot of the puzzle himself. 

After dinner it was time for a game of Connect Four.  Buppa looked on while JJ set up the game

Hmmmmm, lots of thought required

I think JJ won.  Time to clean up before getting out the snacks, and starting the movie

After the movie it was story-time with Buppa.   We noticed a major change during this story time...JJ was able to read one of the books to Buppa.  How neat. 
The next morning he was allowed some computer time, but we soon turned it off and moved into the rest of our day with other activities.
Every time we go to the store to get a "sleepover treat", JJ picks out a gun or a sword to play with.  This time we steered him away from those items, and he came home with a Slinky and a Recorder.   During the movie, the Slinky got terribly tangled up, and JJ was quite upset about that.  We promised to take him to the store in the morning to get another Slinky, and he calmed down before bed.  The next morning while I cleaned up the breakfast dishes, he and Buppa went to the store to get another Slinky.  Not only did he come with another Slinky, but he also got a toy gun.  Above you see him doing some target shooting in the hall.
What a rascal.
Buppa got into the act too.  What a pair!

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