Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas Lights

We were at one of my favorite stores - The Country Depot - the other day and I found the perfect new Christmas decorationThis store is very unique in that it is very hard to describe.  When you drive up to it, there are gas pumps out front, and farm equipment on display in the parking lot.  When you walk inside, you are greeted with all sorts of farm supplies, animal feed, outdoor clothes, work boots, and hardware type stuff.  In the summer time, every other Wednesday and Saturday, we are treated to boxes of  baby chickens and ducks ready for the farmers to pick up.  The kids love to visit on those days, as they get to hold a baby chick.

If you walk a little further into the store you discover a wonderful gift shop filled with scarves, purses, jewellery, sweaters, home decor and all sorts of other wonderful items.  It has turned into my first place to look for unique gifts.

Just past the gift shop is a Christmas room in the winter, and a garden shop in the summer.  Behind this area are green houses filled to the brim with fabulous hanging baskets, bedding plants, shrubs and other garden needs in spring and summer.  This store is a one stop shopping spot for me in any season.

This year I thought it was time to add a new Christmas decoration or two to our humble abode, but being limited for space, I knew it had to be something small but colourful.  I found just the ticket at The Country Depot...a light bulb.  Yes, a tiny light bulb, but a mighty one!  Actually, I bought two.
I put one in the fixture in the porch...pretty huh?  Not only is it colourful, but it spins and throws the coloured lights all around the area. 
I put one in the dining room light fixture, and it adds colour and fun to the kitchen too.

Lots of colour swirls and dances all around as the light spins in the socket.
Oh so pretty
Makes me feel like dancing.


Anonymous said...

My neighbour has one of these in a floodlight and shining on the outside of his house. Pretty cool.


Shammickite said...

I think I want one. Wonder if there are any at canadian tire?

MARY G said...

So pretty and unusual. Good find.