Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Sunshine of Friendship warming me on this new "window sill"

A year and a half ago AC and I ripped up roots and moved across Province to start life anew in the Ottawa Valley. It was rather traumatic to be ripped out of my old comfortable "pot", transplanted into a new one and placed on this new "window sill" on the other side of the province, but it feels like home now. You can read more about some of the trauma of the move in old blogs written June through August of that year. Tiara Day, and Unwelcome Visitor and RRRRIIIIPPPPP give you an idea of the roller coaster ride of emotions I was on.

We lived in Southwestern Ontario for over thirty years and raised our family there. When AC retired we had no family left in the area, but friendship roots went deep and were tightly wrapped around our hearts. It was a tough decision to make, but we felt that if we were going to move closer to family in Eastern Ontario, we had to do it while we were still healthy and young enough to do it together and put down new roots once we got there.

So, now that I have given you some background of the trauma of our move last year, let me share with you what happened on Friday morning. I went out for coffee with a group of ladies that took me under their wing and offered me friendship when I was feeling lost and alone in this new corner of the world. They met each Friday at Tim's for coffee and one day one of the ladies invited me to join them. I sat on the fringes of their group at first, but soon felt a part of it and looked forward to our time together each week. We solved the problems of the world, shared heartaches, and enjoyed laughter with each other over cups of coffee. What a gift this circle of friends was to me.

I walked out to the car on Friday and noticed that one of the ladies was carrying a big bag, but didn't think much of it. We got to Tim's and made a bee line for our favorite table in the corner. One lady was already there, so we greeted her and lined up to get our coffee while she held the table for us. Pretty soon everyone arrived and they were all carrying bags – everyone but me. Hmmm, this had my curiosity piqued now. Once everyone had their coffee and we were all seated around the table one lady opened a small bag and took out a carnation. As she handed it to me she said this was a New Grandma Celebration Day, and each lady wanted to celebrate and share this joy with me. I was speechless with joy and overwhelmed with the love and acceptance these ladies were giving me.

Each lady gave me a heart-felt card and cute gift for the new baby. I was thrilled beyond words. The cards and baby gifts were wonderful, but the most precious gift of all was the Sunshine of Friendship warming me on this new "window sill" of my life.

Grandma Shower 2

Grandma Shower 1

Thank you dear "coffee circle" friends! Joy shared is doubled, grief shared is halved. My joy was indeed doubled on Friday and has even bubbled over onto AC and Butterfly too.

What fun to share the joy with my "blog circle" friends now and let it bubble over into blogdom too.


Gina said...

How kind and thoughtful! What a wonderful group of ladies!

And, the title of grandma and grandpa is getting ever-so-closer for you!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, heartwarming story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Rhea said...

Aren't women wonderful? I am happy to read about the friends you've made in your new-ish home.

Heather said...

How delightful! What a classy bunch of ladies!

Mary said...

Cuppa, what a blessing for you. Wow. Like you, I know about growing roots far away from home. We moved to NC a year and a half ago and have grown roots here. But it was very difficult leaving long-time friends and family in MD. After some adjustments here, we are in full bloom now. I wish I had been graced with such a nice group of ladies!

Anonymous said...

I've yet to read your accounts of your difficult move, but I can fully imagine the joy of having these wonderful women embracing you as you begin the newest chapter of your life - Grandma. It's just lovely.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful group of friends you have made, lucky you.

methatiam said...

The act of transplanting is traumatic, but my doesn’t the plant bloom when it’s used to it’s new soil?

Cuppa said...

Gina - I can hardly believe how close it is. So exciting.

Anon - you're welcome

Rhea - this circle of friends is indeed wonderful.

Heather - I agree.

Mary - it is nice to start blooming again isn't it? Now I find myself on the look-out for other wilted transplantees in the process of trying to adjust to a new "Pot". Maybe I can spread a little sunshine on them.

Anon - it is true joy to be wrapped in the warm loving embrace of friendship.

Yes I am lucky

methatiam - feels great it does.

sare said...

Okay! Now that is just mean - I am sitting here at work, and popped on here at break time - I didn't think your heartwarming story would bring me to tears... hahah, but it DID!
And I tried to explain myself to my coworkers.. "Well, there was this Grandma Baby Welocme Party thing..."


A circle of friends certainly are a blessing in every pocket of the earth... I'm glad you found yours.


karla said...

Truly truly heartwarming! And time sure is flying by. Little smudge will be doning those adorable bibs in no time!

robert swayze said...

Glad to know that u made such great friends in ur new home..I agree with u in this that females do make good friends as I too have few female friends and I just get along with them pretty coolly :)