Monday, January 15, 2007

Snow Day

As you can tell by the lack of blogs lately things have been pretty busy around here. I like to write first thing in the morning and it seems like every day I have some place I had to be first thing in the morning so not much writing has been getting done.

We are having a most glorious snow day today, and AC just told me he set up our new winter template so I just had to take two minutes to post a short note and at least say hello.

I spent the whole morning catching up on email, and now it is time to make lunch, go shovel some snow and then set off on a walk and maybe take some pictures to post later. Oh joy.

I hope you have a "snow day" full of fun too.


Gina said...

Looks great!

Ginnie said...

The new template looks great. I'm in awe of all the things that you two do and still are able to blog. It's fun to peek in.

Granny said...

Beautiful. Is it okay if I have the fun but leave the snow with you?

Anonymous said...

Very frosty looking! Very pretty. I read about your walks with Molly on AC's blog. That is so dear of you two. Aren't Goldens the sweetest pups?

methatiam said...

We're trying to get the house ready to sell, so we haven't had two minutes to rub together either!

I'll take the snow!

Maya's Granny said...

I love your winter template! AC is so clever and artistic.

We're having the snow, just not the day. This is already the most snow we've had in over 30 years, and it's only mid-January. At this moment, huge flakes are swirling down.

Cuppa said...

Gina - it does doesn't it? I love it.

Ginnie - We are running as fast as we can these days and are barely able to keep up. Puff, pant, gasp. AC keeps up with his blog much better than I do, so at least you know what is going on around here. Glad you enjoy peeking in from time to time to see what we are up to.

Granny - You sure can leave the snow with us. I love the snow.

Cathy - Molly is a delight to be around. She is full of gentle enthusiasim and a real sweetheart. Seeing her run and play with the other dogs was a an absolute joy to behold.

methatiam - I can so relate to the crunch of trying to get your house ready to sell and then packing up to move. Don't want to do it again any time soon let me tell you.

Granny - AC is a talented old soul isn't he? I love getting my spiffy new templates with each season.

We have had one heavy snowfall and hopefully more is just around the corner. I do love winter to be winter and enjoy sitting inside whilst watching those big heavy flakes swirling and dancing to Mother Nature's frosty tune.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind snow, but I'm crossing my fingers and toes (ouch) that it doesn't hit until after we celebrate our late Christmas. About Tuesday of next week will be just fine, thank you very much.

Love the new template.

Cuppa said...

Laurie - OK, we will keep all the snow here for a few more days. Have a warm and wonderful but snow free Christmas with your family.

Anonymous said...

I like your site. Was drawn to it from Kathy's blog. Hope to return often.