Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snow Week

I think Mother Nature was watching when AC put our new templates up because since then, we have been gifted with marvelous winter weather. I am lovin' it!!! I don't know what kind of snowfall Riverwood is being blessed with, but if it is as much as we have been getting here, we might be able to have a winter snowshoe holiday up there in February after all. Hope so anyway.

The pictures on my template are of the Old Barn at Riverwood viewed from the frozen river. We love to snowshoe along the river and see the farm from this new perspective in winter. The picture on AC's template is of the trees across the road from the front gate at Riverwood. That place is heaven on earth. A big old farmhouse on 120 acres of forested land with a river running along one side of it! Yep, heaven on earth. Sure hope we get there for a few weeks in February.

But for now, we are enjoying cold and busy, busy, busy winter days here at home. I am totally enjoying my Tai Chi classes and look forward to getting the first few moves set in a memory pattern so I can move through them fluidly. I try to do at home what I have learned in class each week, but can't quite get my feet, hands and arms all going in the right direction at the same time. I can Grasp the Bird's Tail with ease, but smoothly moving into position to Strum the Pei Pa is a bit of a challenge. I seem to learn line dancing routines quicker, but I have music to help me there. Each activity is a challenge but oh so enjoyable in its own way.

We had a lot of snow fall Sunday night, so on Monday afternoon it was time for a walk. We bundled up and set off for the library with books to return. The snow was thick and fluffy but we soon discovered that it was very icy under all the fresh fallen snow. Drat! We had to slow our pace and walk very gingerly. Even so, I made one wrong step and before I knew it I was doing a Triple Lutz in the air which quickly turned into a Flying Sit Spin. Kerplunk! Down I went. One minute I was upright and the next I was flat on my back in the library parking lot. Ouch! Luckily nothing was broken or seriously hurt, so after collecting my wits, getting upright again and dusting myself off, I hobbled home. We had a few more near falls, but eventually arrived home without further mishap. I could feel my hip yelling at me during Tai Chi and Line Dancing on Tuesday, but nothing more than that. Whew!


Yesterday was sunny and bright so we set off on another walk, but no city streets this time, only the Trail would be considered for this walk. We met people walking dogs, and lots of snowmobilers. Everyone was in high spirits and we greeted each other with enthusiasm as we passed. At the end of our frosty walk we returned to our warm home and treated ourselves to a mug of steaming hot chocolate laced with Bailey's. MMMMM delicious, such a yummy way to end a snowy week.

The sun is shining this morning, and more snow is called for later this afternoon. Yahoo! I think I will go dust off the snowshoes and get them ready for a work-out later this week. Maybe a snowshoe walk along the trails at the Mill of Kintail will be possible. What a treat that would be.

Enjoy the sunshine today and walk in it every chance you get.


Mel said...

I would say "enjoy the snow!" but I can tell that you absolutely will without any encouragement from me! :)

methatiam said...

Believe it or not, we got snow here in southern Arizona. I haven’t seen any, but I am told there was at least a little a few miles from my house and quite a little in Tucson. It’s cold and wet and I am loving every minute of it!

Anonymous said...

You, my friend are definitely a snowbaby. I am happy that you have what you want and what you need with the snowfall. Your photos send out a lot of positive energy and that is refreshing.
As far as you Tai chi, just feel the flow and become one with it and do not worry about a correct way of doing it. The energy will go to the parts of your body and your spirit that needs it. When you forget the form and become the form then the fluid motions are like old friends. Thank you for your visits to my site and happy winter

Anonymous said...

I had a couple of lovely walks this weekend while my son was home. We really had a great time.

I'm glad you didn't get hurt when you fell.

sare said...

Happy winter to you!

Compared to Canada, this South Korean winter is a joke... they have a 3 day cold and four day warm weather pattern here. (so we are told) and it seems to be true. I'm missing the white fluffy stuff, but definitley not missing driving in it!

Love you...!

Sass xo

Anonymous said...

Tai Chi and winter. Sounds like a rather glorious combination. :) Here in NoCal, we are experiencing a drought. Not even so much as a drop of rain. It's rather.. dull. I like the seasons.

But will, unfortunately, pass on the snow. LOL



Cuppa said...

Mel - oh so right you are!

methatiam - Yikes, snow in Arizona! Now that IS amazing. Enjoy!

Dave - Yes I am a snow baby for sure.

Tai Chi went more smoothly this morning. Our instructor said it was "the most delicious exercise" and I find that a very apt description.

Laurie - after hurting my back when I fell while roller blading, I too was very glad not to have hurt anything seriously when I went down with a thud on Monday. The older we get the harder we fall.

Sassy - Happy Winter to you too. Let's make a date to meet for a snowshoe walk at Riverwood next year! It will be here before you know it.

Miss you too. Take care.

TG - it is a grand and glorious combination indeed.