Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mount Everest

There is a task in everyone's life that seems like climbing Mount Everest when you have to tackle it. You know, the kind of task that looms like an insurmountable obstacle in your path. I don't know what yours is, but mine is putting a piece of boxed furniture together. As far as these items go, Ikea seems to have the easiest to follow instructions, but I still find them a tough climb!

When we moved here a year and a half ago AC wanted to get a new computer desk, but couldn't find the right one. In the meantime he made do with an old table that was much too small, especially when Rocky wanted to share it with him, but at least it was the right height.

The other day we went into town to do errands, one of which was to pick up tea-lights at Ikea. We went in to get candles and came out with a computer desk. I do love serendipity shopping, don't you?

The desk was the perfect size and height and, even better than that, it was on sale! We folded down the seats in the car and managed to squeeze it in for the trek home. It just fit. Whew! Butterfly and The Boy were coming over for dinner that night, so The Boy helped us unload it and carry it upstairs. So far everything was working in our favour. The Boy said he would come back later in the week and put it together for us, and we left it at that. He and Butterfly are in the middle of a major project at home though, so we thought it was best if we tried to tackle the job ourselves. Oh dear, Mount Everest!

We let the box sit in the guest room for over a week. We would have to tackle it soon, but we needed to build up our strength first. Deep breathing, meditation, and other relaxation exercise had to be practiced in preparation for the task ahead.

Weather conditions seemed to be perfect for the climb on Saturday, so we took advantage of this window and planned for the ascent first thing in the morning. After coffee and an energy boosting breakfast, we cleared the old furniture out of the work area in the den and then bravely entered the guest room and firmly grasped the box so we could drag it out into the hall. It was time to set off on the climb.

Step one - sort out your gear and get it in order.
Computer Desk 3

Step Two - always use the right tools, and enlist the help of friends - big and small!
Computer Desk 2

Step Three - be calm, stay focused, just take it one step at a time,


Before you know it the mountain has been conquered, you are at the summit, the task is complete. The descent is always at bit challenging too, but in no time at all we were back on level ground again, the gadgets all plugged in and the laptop ready for use.
Computer Desk 1

AC looks a bit weary after the climb, but the desk looks great doesn't it?


Ginnie said...

This is completely off the subject, Cuppa, but I LOVE your yellow walls. That's one of my favorite colors for a room.
Congratulations on your project!

Mary said...

I enjoyed visiting your blog. I recognized that climb very well. Challenging, no doubt!

methatiam said...

I can see the joy radiating from his face.

Anonymous said...

I too have attempted the ascent up the mountain many times and I always get parts left over. How generous of the people packing the boxes.

Cuppa said...

Ginnie - I love them too. The paint colours really caught my eye when we looked at this house a little over a year ago. The main floor is really wild, but somehow it all fits together. The living room, dining room, kitchen is open concept and the walls are green, yellow, and cinnamon - yes cinnamon -with white trim! Yikes! I will try to take a picture of a point where the three colours come together. Amazingly it works.

Mary - Thanks for stopping by to say hello.

methatiam - he does look less than enthused doesn't he? It was such a tough climb!

Dave - we had parts left over too. Causes one to worry just a tad. Hmmm, did we forgot to put an important screw in here or there?

Anonymous said...

What a fun post. Thanks for sharing your climb.

Anonymous said...

I would be absolutely flummuxed by such a project. Looks like it turned out okay.

My climb has been dealing with "systems" in any way ~ DMV, Social Security and so on. Argh!



Karla said...

Oh, putting together furniture is defintely only for the brave of heart.

I love the wall colour too!

I think AC and I have almost the same laptop!

Anonymous said...

It's been years since I've tackled one these projects. Ya' did great!