Thursday, July 21, 2005

Inner Peace

The packing and sorting continues at our house, but AC and I have made it a priority to get out on the bikes as much as we can these days and enjoy as many trips as possible on these wonderful trails before we move to another part of the country. What a treat it is to ride out to the lake early in the morning and start our hectic days off that way. The ride in the cool morning air clears my head and helps me start my "packing" day on the right foot.

When I have a huge task in front of me I tend to go to bed at night with things that need to be done spinning through my head, and I wake up in the same spin. If I write down what needs to be done, set some time goals and have my plan of attack recorded in black and white on paper, that really helps to slow down the spin of thoughts in my head. So, I make list upon list and am always planning what my next step will be, but some days the lists don't help and I feel overwhelmed by the mountain ahead of me. The only thing for it is to go outside and calm down. Look at the trees, listen to the waves, feel the wind against my face. A ride on the bike does all of this for me.

Just before we set off for our ride the other day I grabbed my bike helmet and noticed that the plastic tension strap on it wouldn't tighten the way it should. I turned to AC and said "I need to go the bike shop and see if I can find a new inner piece."

"Hmmm," he said to me, "who knew that you could get inner peace at the bike shop?"

We laughed about it and set off on our ride. As I rode along I thought about what he said and realized that maybe I couldn't find inner peace at the bike shop, but a ride on my bike was sure helping me find some.
Joys come from simple natural things: mists over meadows, sunlight on leaves, the path of moon over water.
Segrid Olson

Joy does comes from these simple things, and with joy comes peace and release. I look at the mists over the meadows and sunlight on the leaves as we pedal along and feel full of joy.

I hope you find "Inner Peace" on your life's journey today too. Maybe even in a bike shop, or your kitchen or the grocery store.


Karla said...

The moon last night! Did you see the full moon? What a beautiful and peaceful sight that was. We were out in the car and pulled over for a minute just to look at it. It was huge, bright and captivating.

For safety reasons however, please seek your inner piece at the bike shop soon!

Iona said...

What a nice post. And a good lesson. I guess everyone sometimes has too much on their mind to calm down. But staring at Mother Nature's Finest is a very good remedy for stress indeed.

It's funny how Canada is so strict about helmets for bikers. In Holland we don't wear helmets, and thus do I not have any inner piece.
However, inner peace I have plenty!

Good luck with the packing!

Cuppa said...

Karla - No I didn't see the moon last night, but I will look for it tonight.

My inner piece is on order at the bike shop. Neat huh?

Iona - Oh girl, law or not, you should wear a helmet! Your head is just as soft as mine and Dutch pavement is just as hard!!!!!! Go get a helmet!

Gina said...

I never fail to get inner peace when I look at the sleeping face of Mr. Personality.

There is just something about a sleeping child...

Cuppa said...

Gina - you are so right. Nothing quite like the face of a sleeping child.

Mel - I have been trying to post a comment on your blog but can't get in this morning so will post a note here. Hope you find it.

No I won't do it for you, but there is another person out there who doesn't even know it yet, but will love the challenge and growing experience of doing it for the first time. Don't be selfish and hog the joy all for yourself. Let go of it for a year and give someone else a chance. (Now that is a new way of looking at it isn't it?)

My first thought when I saw you blog this morning was "How do those girls do a button or zipper up???

Heather said...

LOL! Yup, I got my inner peace on my bike ride this morning too. And my "inner piece" is in fine shape too.