Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Hot! Humid! Hazy! Yes it is summer here in Southwestern Ontario and I am melting. Help!

We have the house closed up tight and the air conditioning on during the hottest part of the day, but it still feels like an oven in here when I am up to my ears in cardboard and packing materials. I have fans going full blast in the room where I am working at the moment, but I am still melting and am sure AC is going to come in and find just a puddle on the floor where once I stood.

Time to take a break and cool off a bit. The fan is trained right on me and a tall glass of ice water is at the ready. Ahhhhh, that's better. Let the cardboard and packing material wait for a bit I need to escape for awhile.

I enjoyed my morning coffee out on the front deck this morning and that was good for my spirit. I sat under the shade of the huge Linden tree and drank in the beauty of it along with my coffee. I needed that long refreshing drink that only nature can give me.

At the end of a busy day yesterday we sat out on the back deck and watched fire flies play tag in the flower beds. Ah, another deeply refreshing draft for my spirit.

I hope you find a cool refreshing oasis in the world around you during this heat wave too, and you drink deeply whenever you can.

To sit in the shade on a fine day, and look upon verdure is the most perfect refreshment.
Jane Austen


Karla said...

My cool refreshing oasis is most certainly my air conditioned house, particularly the cold basement.

Although staying indoors is near impossible for me. In fact, I'm about to venture outside to relax and swelter in this glorious sticky, sweltering heat.

So many boxes must be accumulating in your home right now. Try not to "box" yourself into a corner. Tee hee!

methatiam said...

You are welcome to come here to beat the - well - humidity anyway.

Sure, it’s 115 today, and the asphalt is slowly melting onto the tires and we have the umpteenth heat warning in a row
- -
but it’s a dry heat!

Gina said...

Cuppa, your blog is a glorious oasis unto itself!

Cuppa said...

Karla - I am not boxed in yet, but I am tripping over the cardboard room decorations at this point.

methatiam - Oh groan! Wet or dry - it sounds awful. I think I'll stay put in my own little corner of the world. Thanks for the invite anyway.

Gina - Thanks :)

Darlene said...

I love the way you can even express misery and make it sound delightful. I'm in St. Paul, MN, and we had 11 days straight of 90+ temps with high humidity. Talk about melting bodies! Our window air conditioners couldn't keep up. No rain either, so poor hanging plants on the porch and all the flowers in the yard kept drying up or nodding their noses towards the ground.

We finally got some rain, and everyone in the neighborhood was running around outside or standing on their porches yelling "whoo hoo!" (I was strolling around in the puddles, barefooted, after it stopped, so soothing! But one of the neighborhood kids saw me and tried it too. His dad immediately stopped him and made him go in the house. What's wrong with parents nowadays?! Overly protective. The earth and rain are there for us to enjoy!)

Next day cooler, but heat is supposed to come back. Reminds me of settlers way back when, on their little plots of land, smattering of seeds in the ground, hoping they'll sprout and grow. Boy, have we got it easy now, but the human spirit never changes.

Cuppa said...

Darlene - we do have it easy compared to the early settlers don't we? I think of them when we have a heat wave and wonder how they managed without refrigeration.

These days when it is too hot to cook, I just take something out of the freezer and pop it in the oven in the basement. Voila - dinner! My early settler sisters sure couldn't do that. They would have to milk the cow, churn the butter, make the bread and then build the fire to even make toast. Sheesh!

Yes we sure do have it easy.