Monday, April 04, 2005

Butterflies and Lady Bugs

I am not sure if I can still be called Cuppa or not, but I think so!!! Kids really make life interesting and fun don’t they?

Anvilcloud (AC) started a blog last May, and then got me hooked on blogging too. What fun. We soon convinced Daughter #1 to give it a whirl and she loved it in no time. Daughter #2 is in her third year at University and is up to her ears in schoolwork, so she hasn’t ventured into the blog world yet, but I think she might one day.

Daughter #1 set up her blog and called herself Butterfly, so her blog name is just that. Daughter #2 came home this Easter weekend and said she wanted a name other than Daughter #2 in our blogs, so we told her to choose one she liked and we would use it in our future blogs.

Well, we just got word this week that she wants to be called Lady Bug!!! I thought I should pass this little bit of information on to you, so in future when I talk about Lady Bug and Butterfly in my blogs you will know who in the world I am talking about.

As I said at the beginning of this post, I am not sure if I can still call myself Cuppa if my daughters want to call themselves Butterfly and Lady Bug but I think I can. Over the years their antics have sent me in search of a good hot cup of tea to calm my nerves, lift my spirits, or warm my heart chilled with fear. Now when they come home as adults for a visit, they share a good hot cuppa with me and we talk about hopes and dreams and we celebrate their achievements over a steaming mug of that good old Brown Betty Brew.

I might have bugged them a lot as they were growing up, and they sure drove me buggy at times, but they have now each taken wing and become beautiful women adding richness and colour to this old world. They are so different, yet so much alike and are both warm, vibrant, caring human beings.

Love you bunches Butterfly and Lady Bug. Flit on by for a cup of tea soon.

Love and hugs Mom.


Butterfly said...

Love you too Ma!

Wash Lady said...

I'm jealous of the relationship with your daughters that is described here and affirmed on Raindrops. What blessed bugs you have :) I hope they know it and I suspect that they do.