Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ava’s Gift

Nine months in utero, seven hours in Mommy and Daddy’s arms, eternity in God’s embrace, and a lifetime in our hearts and memory.

Sweet little Ava, your time on this earth was much too short, but your gift to us is special and to be celebrated.

The sight of the imprint of your tiny hands and feet moved me to tears and touched me deeply. Your little feet might never run and play on this earth, but they tiptoed across my heart and left an impression there. Your little hands touched my spirit and I thank you for that gift. Your life has spread feelings of love and compassion around the world and the world is a better place because you were in it, if even for such a short time.

Thank you Karla and Mark for sharing your joy and sorrow so openly with all of us. Your little Angel’s life is a gift we will treasure and remember.


kathy said...

This was a very lovely post Cuppa. My heart is so very sad. :-(

Butterfly said...

I cry every time I read a post or a comment about Karla and Mark. This story is resonating around the blogosphere. I keep coming across it.