Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Relaxin’ at Riverwood

Ahhhhh. Here we are at Riverwood and I feel sooooo relaxed already. Mmm. As soon as we turn into the lane I feel the magic of this place start to work on my heart and soul and it is made complete when I walk in the side door and the lingering fragrance from the last wood fire greets me and wraps me in its warm embrace. I absolutely love it here.

Sunday and Monday were full of activity to get the house ready to leave for a month and get everything packed up. Whew what a job! Tuesday morning at 9am we finally put the last suitcase into the CRV and the bikes safely mounted on the carrier. We set off on our adventure around 9:30, made a short stop around noon for lunch with Ally, and then drove straight through the rest of the way. We arrived here around dinnertime a bit tired and road weary, but safe and sound. The sun shone on us for the whole journey and as we drove further and further north the countryside got more and more colourful. What a treat! All the trees are in the process of donning their party dresses for the Thanksgiving celebrations to come and the outfits this year are going to be spectacular. Wow! What a show already and they are noteven all dressed yet.

After opening up the farmhouse and turning on the hot water, we unloaded the car and then set off for a walk before it got dark. Stomachs were starting to growl, but we could eat later. Time now for a walk. Off we went, down to the old bridge to check out the water level, then over to the swimming hole, up along the Perimeter Path to Deer Lookout and then back to the farmhouse. After saying hello to the farm proper, it was time for dinner. Yum.

After dinner we dialed in and checked our email and that is the only draw back to being here. Very slow internet service. Sigh. Oh well, at least we have a local number to call, so we won’t complain too much. Less time on the computer, more time to read and write, go for walks and ride our bikes.

To all my fellow bloggers - I might not be writing a lot on line or posting many comments while we are up here, but I will continue to write and post my blogs, and read yours when I can. If my visits are few and far between you will know why.

Cool autumn evenings, hot apple cider and me all curled up here on the couch in the old farmhouse with no TV and no pressing engagements for the next month or so, makes for some perfect writing times. So, I imagine I will be writing a lot, it is the posting that might be a problem. We shall see. Keep checking back to see how I make out.
Talk to you all later.


Butterfly said...

I almost feel like I'm there too after reading your description. Wish I was there actually. See you soon.

JV said...

Hi Cuppa,

Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I hope you and John are enjoying Riverwood. It sounds like a magical place alright. I'll be waiting to see what you write up there. Have a cup of cider by the fire for me, will you?