Sunday, October 31, 2004

City Slickers

Yes, we are back in the city and I am struggling just a tad, to adjust to all the hustle and bustle and lack of space. I feel so closed in back here at home and it always takes me a few days to acclimatize.

From my spot where I sit and write here at home, I can only see the very tops of three lonely trees and a bit of sky and that is it. At Riverwood I could sit in my favourite place on the couch and look out at the trees on Pine Fort Hill or along Welcome Lane, to the trees across the road. If I tired of sitting there, I could venture out onto the porch and look past the barns down towards the old logging road and river, or move into the kitchen and look out across open fields and meadows. Now, when I look out any window in my city location I see houses, houses and oh yes, more houses. Sigh.

I always feel overwhelmed with the houses and people and traffic once I get back to the city after spending a month or so in the country. The nearest general store is 3k’s away from the farm and I think 11 people populate the 4 corner community around the store. When we get home, we drive to the grocery store 4 or 5 blocks away and 11 cars are at every corner, never mind 11 people living 3k away. I feel assaulted by grey concrete and lights and stores and don’t like it at all. I spend the first few days at home wanting to go back to the pine trees, open fields and the green relaxed feeling of the countryside.

I have to make myself focus on the positive when I get home and slowly but surely I start to adjust back into city life. I must admit that it is very nice to have high speed internet again, access to my public library, and flat land to bike along. What a treat after the hills around Riverwood. If I curl up on the couch down in the family room, which I will do once it gets colder and I want to write beside the fireplace, I can see our back garden, which is still in full bloom and looking lovely right now, I must say. We had lots of frost up north, but not a speck of it has touched this area yet so the garden is still dressed in riotous summer colours and is having a wonderful party in the cool evenings and warm days. I am sure there are other positives too, but you get the idea. I am trying. And for now, that is enough.

I spent the day yesterday unpacking, washing, sorting through mail, making phone calls, and listing what needs doing in the garden, etc. Busy work that helps me get back into the groove here at home.

Today, we spent the morning puttering around the house and then we set out to do banking and other errands. The most important of which was a visit to the library to try to track down some books. I found one at the main branch, but the other titles I wanted will have to come in from bigger libraries. One is actually coming in all the way from the National library in Ottawa. Neat huh?

So, as I work at it, I am finding lots of positive things about my little corner of the world here in the city. That is the key isn’t it? Not to focus on what is wrong in our lives, but on what is right with any situation we find ourselves in. Pretty soon feelings follow thoughts and moods change. As a man thinketh – so is he!

I hope you are able to find something positive about where you find yourself today and good feelings find your little corner of the world and warm your heart on this cool autumn day.


Anvilcloud said...

Enjoy getting out to Tim's though, don't you? Eh?

Lynn said...

I was the first person at the polling place next door on this cold, wet, and dreary morning. I'm as excited as possible about this election.

I saw President Bush on TV this morning. He had the air of an election loser about him.

I'll be at an election party tonight with like minded Democrats. It ought to help take the edge off the tension and expectation.

Thanks, for your thoughts, hopes, wishes, and prayers. We need all the support we can get. I know people from all around the world are anxiously watching this US election.

Lynn said...

About the only thing to do now is work on the Congressional elections in two years. The next four years will be a real rough ride, but this too shall pass.

Lynn said...

Thanks for passing along the Salon link. It comes very close to echoing my feelings. I worked for a Canadian company for over three years. Little did I know when I left that I would look back and wish I still worked for it just so I could request a transfer to another country.

I have to admit that I harbor anger and resentment at those Americans who voted for Bush. I ran into several friends yesterday who feel the same.

I consoled myself before the election by saying reality will often change people’s opinions where persuasion has no affect. I still believe this. The dangerous and ugly policies of our country will come home to roost. When people finally realize there is a personal price to be paid for their choices, they will change their minds in a hurry.

There will be days before the next four years pass when people find their pocketbooks emptier, their retirement and health insecure, their freedoms vanished, the world more hostile, and they will wish they still had the friends from around the world who wished us well.

Arguments that have fallen on deaf ears will then be heard.

The order of the day has not changed. We must vocally oppose the theocratic and plutocratic self interest, bigotry, and demagoguery that has taken root in this country. Reality will eventually do the rest.