Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The “Leftover”Side of Thanksgiving

I love this side of Thanksgiving don’t you? The “leftover” side is all about relaxing. All the planning, shopping and cooking is done, but the sweet taste of the holiday is still in the air. The fridge is full of leftovers and the mind is full of happy memories. Ahhh, wonderful.

We had a warm time with family and friends this year and I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration too and are now enjoying this most amazing October weather. We are back at Riverwood now and can’t believe how warm it is up here for this time of year. We went out for a bike ride this morning and we could have worn shorts and a t-shirt instead of the pants and jackets we did wear. Sheesh, once I pedalled up that first hill I was sweating buckets. I stopped and got rid of the jacket which helped a bit, but I would have been much more comfortable in shorts. Oh well, it was a fun ride even if a bit warm. I had to walk my bike up a couple of the big hills today, but spent more time riding than walking so it is getting a bit easier with every ride.

I am not getting much writing done these days, but while the sun shines, I must ride or hike the hills around the farm. When the wind and rain blows in I will snuggle down in the farmhouse to write.

We are off to Algonquin Park tomorrow to see what kind of a party the trees are having up there this year. I have never been to the park, so I am really looking forward to a drive through parts of it and this is a perfect time of year to do it. That should take us most of the day tomorrow, and then Friday we prepare for more company this weekend. So, a few busy days ahead, then a quiet week to follow. The busy days make the quiet ones all the nicer don’t they? I hope you are blessed with a mixture of both and you enjoy each one as it comes to you. Gobble the turkey leftovers this week, walk in the sunshine and crunch a few leaves under your feet whenever you can. Makes you feel like a kid again and does the heart good.

Talk to you all later.

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Anonymous said...

What you talkin about honey? Thanksgiving ain't for more than another month. You from Bellgum or something?

Georgia Peachpit