Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Winter Adventure at Riverwood - part V

The kids were always on the move and doing something new and exciting. On NY's Eve, a few hours before midnight, they announced that they were going outside to make a NY's greeting and we were invited to join them for the fun.  So, we bundled up as the temps were hovering around the -25 mark, and we went down the dark lane towards the road to set up Mary's camera on a tripod.  We were given sparklers, and ideas flew around about what to write with the sparklers when the camera clicked on.  Light settings were taken, auto timers set, and we were instructed on where to stand, and what to do with our sparklers.  AC and I stood at either end of the gathering and made circles in the air.  Laura, Heather, Brad and Brian made the number 2014, all backwards mind you, and Ben and Mary knelt in front of the crew making circles. 

The sparklers were lit, the camera timer set, and we all did our part waving the sparklers around as we were instructed.  It made a marvelous NY's eve greeting posted on FB for friends and family to see near the midnight hour.  Sadly I didn't get a picture on my little point and shoot, but Mary got a great one on her camera and AC captured it off Flickr for me

I am behind the circle on the left, Laura is the 2, Heather is the 0, Brad is the 1, Brian is the 4, AC is the circle on the right, and Ben and Mary are the swirls in front.   Happy New Year.
A couple of days later the kids announced that they were going to have a fun  photo shoot outside, and we were all invited to join them for the experience.  Ben prepared to toss a pot of boiling water into the freezing air while everyone gathered round to take pictures.   I stayed on the porch to take pictures of the photographers taking pictures. 
Total fun to see Ben make the toss, and hear all the cameras click repeatedly trying to get the perfect shot.  Mary is flat out on the ground trying to get a good angle.
I don't know how the other pics turned out, but this is the best shot of the instant snow I got on my little camera. The water exploded into a puff of snow, then cascaded down like frozen fireworks.   It was neat to see.

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Regenia said...

Hi Sue! I have not had time to visit for quite a while. I will try and get caught up at least somewhat this morning while having my coffee. That last picture you took with what you call your "little camera" is so clear and perfect, I think!