Sunday, January 12, 2014

Winter Adventure at Riverwood - part II

The old farmhouse seemed to be bursting at the seams at times, but we gathered all the chairs around the big kitchen table and spent a lot of time there, eating, playing games, talking, knitting, checking iPads and other tablets for mail, and weather updates.  It was VERY cold during our visit, and the temps went down to -25 with windchill warnings in the -40 range. 
You can see Heather's feet in this pic, and  I , of course, am off camera taking the pic.
At times people would disburse to other parts of the house, and some one on one visiting took place.  Here we see AC and Mary having a conflab about something. Perhaps teaching, as AC is a retired teacher, and Mary is a new teacher. 
The old farmhouse kitchen not only has a big table with lots of chairs around it, but also has comfy chairs and a couch to make large gatherings more comfy.
We all brought enough food to feed an army, so the cupboards were full, the counters loaded, and the fridge stuffed.  We sure wouldn't go hungry.
Each family also brought a bottle or two of wine for NY's eve, so we had more than enough for a midnight toast.  Most of the bottles went home unopened, but we did a good job on emptying the boxes.

Tablets, books or magazines....take your pick.
Ben and Mary slept on the pull-out couch, and enjoyed a relaxing morning of reading
Later Ben was working on some project, and he had his laptop, his iPad and his iPod all going at the same time.
Last but not least, Brian's fudge...a highlight of the Christmas season.  He makes the BEST fudge in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!  No really, he does.  He made two batches while we were there, one chocolate, and one vanilla, and this batch didn't even make it to a storage container.  We cut it while it was still warm, and before it cooled completely it was all gone.  Yum, yum, yum! 


Regenia said...

Looks like a perfect setting for connecting and lots of fun! The temperstures...not so much. We grew up on Lake Erie so we were used to snow and some cold, but WOW! Now we live a little west of Wilmington, NC. Last week during the cold spell they deayed school openings by 2 hours due to the "extreme cold". It was 20 degrees. In fairness, after we laughed, I wondered if there were concerns that some kids might not have heavy enough coats. That would have been a heat wave for you!

Mary said...

What I love about your posts, Sue, is that they really capture everything.

I love looking at all of the real life happenings here.

Cuppa said...

Regina - yes it is the perfect place for a family gathering. The house was warm and comfy, but the cold weather did hamper our snowshoe adventures a bit. The wind chill of -40 made the face sting after just a few minutes outside.

Mary - I love going back and looking at the pictures and reliving the happy times each time I do. Glad you enjoy it too. I think I have enough pics to take me through the rest of the week, so stay tuned.....

Dogman said...

Okay, now I'm a follower Sue. Especially after the kind comments about the fudge, heh heh. Good thing I only make it once a year though, or our arteries would all have slammed shut by now! I love the pics and the memories and good feelings they kindle! xo

Mike said...

Looks glorious! I wish I was there - those Dill Pickle chips, and a good book are calling my name! Miss you guys and hope we can see you soon!

Sare xo