Monday, January 27, 2014

January activities

While the snow falls, and the winds howl around the house in January, I putter around the house putting Christmas decorations away, and chasing dust bunnies from corners.  Seems like the perfect time of year to clear out a few old things out to make room for the new.  To help me do just that, Home Depot had a sale on plastic storage containers, so I bought 4 new ones to help me organize and keep things stored  in the basement clean and dry.

I still have some things in cardboard boxes in the basement, and each time plastic containers go on sale, I buy a few more so I can get rid of cardboard altogether.  I am almost there.  Yahoo!

While going through some old boxes, I found a few a few treasures that seemed appropriate to pass along to the kids, so last Monday morning I had these two items sitting on the kitchen table awaiting the kid's arrival.
Grover came home with D1 after a shopping trip with Grandpa many years ago, and  Auntie Heather made the cat cushion for D1 when  D1 was a teenager.   Grover went home with JJ, and the cat went home with Danica.
Dani was quite thrilled that the cat matched her purple pants, but you can tell from this pic that she wasn't feeling at all well this morning. The cold germ was settling in for a major attack, and by the end of the week, she needed a day off school.
JJ was not being photo co-operative on this morning, but I took his picture anyway.    For some reason blog pics of the kids are scarce these days, so I have to use what I got.  Hence the pic above.  I'll try to do better next week.

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