Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter Adventure at Riverwood - part III

A winter holiday at Riverwood is special for many reasons, but the one at the top of my list is being able to step out the back door to go on a snowshoe adventure across the fields or through the woods.  123 acres of property with the Crowe River making up the border on the East, gives lots of room for making new trails, or trekking down the frozen river.  
In this picture you can see the shoes waiting at the back door, and how close the Barn is to the house.  The Old Logging Road is just to the left of the barn, and the river is just down the hill from the barn. 

The old oval, woven snowshoe is a favorite for walk on over the fields, but the newer slimmer design is better for trekking through the woods.  Much easier to climb over logs, or work through thick brush on a new trail. The yellow ones are ours, and have supported us on many a trailblazing walk through the woods.  You can easily get lost on the 123 acre property during any other season, but during winter it is easy to follow your tracks home, so we boldly go where no man has gone before! 
AC is all strapped in and ready to go.  In the -25 weather is was difficult to get the clothing just right.  We wanted to be warm, but not get all sweaty after only about 10 minutes.  We had to turn around on a couple of walks after just a few minutes because the wind was so strong, our faces were stinging from the cold.  We tried balaclava's one year, but glasses kept fogging up, and the wool around our mouths got all wet.  We gave them a pass this year and just went for shorter walks.
We wouldn't be having a picnic this day.
Brian and Elu joined us for the walk.
For our first walk we set off down to the Playner Mill and the  Swimming Hole to see the winter beauty down there.

Looks pretty in the snow, but the doors were snowed shut so we couldn't get inside.

I took a picture through the screen, and it still looked inviting.
From the Playner Mill we headed down to the Swimming Hole...
...the Friendship Bench was almost snowed under.
We trekked around taking lots of pics and had fun making designs in the snow.
One picture looking back across the fields toward the Playner Mill and the house way off in the distance. 
I peeked through the woods and saw this determined photographer looking for the perfect shot.  Everyone else in the family has big fancy cameras, but I still cling to my little point and shoot that fits neatly inside my mitt. 

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