Wednesday, June 30, 2010


AC was reading the local paper the other night and saw an article for a candlelight Labyrinth walk. We thought it sounded interesting so we packed the lawn chairs into the car, picked up a coffee, and set off for the Labyrinth. The article said it was to start at 7:30pm so we expected a bit of a program before the actual walk as it wouldn't be dark until almost 10pm.
We set up our lawn chairs around the campfire and waited for the event to begin. We read the posters informing us of the benefits of a labyrinth walk...
and we waited for the Sisters of the Drum to perform and start the ceremony.
We soon discovered that there would be no ceremony. We stood around waiting for the program to begin, but there wasn't a program to speak of.
The drummers drummed, I walked the Labyrinth, and that was it!
It was all a bit of a mystery to me. After our short walk around the Labyrinth, we got back in the car and headed for our favorite park to walk the path along the water. Ahhh, now that's an anti-stress walk.


Anvilcloud said...

A good take on an odd evening.

Cuppa said...

Yes it was indeed odd.