Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sunday Adventure - Part 1

The day dawned sunny and bright and the weatherman promised to deliver more of the same all day, so we packed a picnic lunch and headed out to visit Gatineau Park. We also wanted to explore some roads we had never been down before, ans as it turned out we found many of those. We managed to find our way to the Champlain Bridge just fine, but did get lost and had to back-track a few times once we were in Quebec. Groan! Oh well, we finally arrived safe and sound at the tourist information centre in Chelsea and set off, with maps in hand, to explore the park. This is a view from the first look-out spot we were directed to.
The second look-out area had picnic tables so we headed over there to enjoy our delicious lunch while feasting of the beautiful view seen in the pic below.
AC went in search of a picnic table...
and we set out our lunch on a great table with a fabulous view.
It would have been perfect except for one thing. It was raining caterpillars! We saw one or two on the table at first, but we brushed them aside and set out the food. No sooner had we gotten ride of those two when two and three and four more appeared. Yuck! As fast as we brushed them away more appeared. We looked up, and the trees were full of them. Groan!
AC already had his hat on, so I found mine too, grabbed a cloth to swish the caterpillars away with, and we sat down to eat our lunch but it was less than relaxing.
We gobbled our sandwiches as quickly as we could then shook out the table cloth, checked bags for stray furry crawlies then packed everything away safely in the caterpillar free car. With hats firmly in place to keep hair and neck protected from the falling critters we wandered around taking pictures.
The pic below is what I was focusing on in the pic above. The wall was literally crawling with the blighters.
I posed for one more pic under the infested trees and then we were outta there! Yuck, yuck, yuck!
Time to visit another area of the park. Hopefully the caterpillars wouldn't be everywhere.

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