Monday, May 10, 2010

MD Celebrations

I enjoyed a day full of sunshine and heart hugs on Sunday. Even though there was snow on the ground outside, the gift from the A Team brought sunshine and warm breezes into the room first thing in the morning.
The snow soon melted outside, but the air remained cold and the wind brisk, all day Sunday. That didn't keep us from having a picnic at the park though. We did have to stay in the car while we sipped our coffee and munched hot buttery toasted bagels, but it was a picnic nonetheless.
We then made tracks over to the kids house, and the guys worked in the kitchen preparing a feast for dinner. Smudge was a big help too.
Daddy is just about ready to take the food out to the BBQ...
,,,and I get to relax and have a snuggle with Jboy while he has a bottle.
Then Smudge helps me open gifts before we sit down for dinner.
Yes, it was a warm and wonderful day.

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Bernie said...

It seems the weather we had last week has arrived in Ontario. Your day sounds wonderful with the people you love.....:-) Hugs