Monday, March 19, 2007

Soul Food

"If you have two loaves of bread, sell one and buy a hyacinth to feed your soul."

I know I shared this quote just the other day, but it is worth repeating. I am feasting on the "soul food" today and thought I would share some with you.
Hyacinth and Easter Eggs 1

This quiet little dynamo adds a touch of colour to my dining room, a splash of brightness to my day, and an ocean of fragrance to the entire house. What a feast!

Hyacinth and Easter Eggs 2

I can share the colour and brightness with you, but to enjoy the fragrance you will just have to go out and buy one for yourself. Go ahead. Do it!


Cate said...

What a beautiful flower, and my fave colour, too! I can almost smell the wonderful fragrance from here!

Thanks for sharing!


Cathy said...

Cuppa! This is the prettiest page on the internet. I could smell the hyacinth. The glittery eggs are a Spring smile.
I'm going to devour a loaf of bread and run to the nearest greenhouse and bring a hyacinth into my life.

Mary said...

I think you are the brightest person in the blogosphere. I love your colors and fragrances! I'm off work tomorrow and I plan to find some flowers to smell!

Thanks for the uplifting post, Cuppa!

Kathy said...

ahhh :)

Maya's Granny said...

I would so love to buy one, but when I bring any kind of flower into the apartment, the Hooligans eat it. And I just can't see falling in love with a plant just to see it nibbled to death by the purring ones.

Anonymous said...

Cate - Yes you live close enough to me that you just might be able to smell this most fragrant flower. Don't get blown away when you go outside today.

Cathy - glad you had a nibble or two of my hyacinth, and a bit of the fragrance managed to get all the way over to your house too, but the best way to enjoy it is to devour your own loaf that is for sure. Hope you are happily "munching" away today.

Hyacinths do get top heavy and lean towards the sun, so these little glittery eggs on sticks do a nice job of supporting them while adding colour to the pot too.

Mary - Thank you! The wintry winds are blowing around my house today, but the spring colours and fragrances inside are keeping me grounded. Hope you find a most fragrant flower to grace your house today.

kathy - can you smell it too? Nice huh?

Granny - thank goodness our Rocky doesn't bother with plants these days. In his younger days he would have been on top of the table in two seconds flat, but not any more. If it was closer to the floor he might give it a sniff or take a nibble, but the top of the dining room table is safe territory for my plants now. Yippee!

Maybe the fragrance of mine will find its way across the miles to Alaska too. Breathe in deeply the next time you check out my blog!!!!!

methatiam said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Laurie said...

Incredibly beautiful. Thank you!

Cuppa said...

Oh, don't know why I came up as Anonymous last time I responded to your comments. Blogger acts strange sometimes.

Methatiam - thanks.

Laurie - glad the beauty reached your little corner too.

Now, let me see if this comes up as Cuppa this time.