Friday, March 02, 2007

Lamb and Lion

Earlier this week AC and I enjoyed a springlike walk in the park. Snow was melting, grass was showing, geese were floating in open water and AC and I didn't need hats or heavy coats. What a treat! We walked leisurely along sipping our cafe mochas while we enjoyed the sunshine and mild temperatures. It looked like March would come in like a Lamb this year for sure.

Time for Tims

Nope, not be be. The Lion showed up this morning with an earth shattering roar. We awoke to the sound of icy pellets hitting the bedroom window and news that all school buses were canceled. The icy downpour should end around noon, only to be followed by 10-15cm of snow. Sigh! I hope this is the Lion's swan song and the Lamb is just around the corner. I like winter storms in January and February, but when March arrives it is time for Old Man Winter to take his leave.

I am going to make an extra pot of coffee this afternoon and spend some time changing my house from its winter theme to the spring one. The winter village and snowflakes will be packed away and the tulips, pansies and hyacinths will take their place. Maybe I can pave the way for Fair Maiden Spring to enter and Old Man Winter to exit.

I hope you hear bleating rather than roaring in your corner of the globe today, but think spring whatever you hear and have a great day.

"If you have two loaves of bread, sell one and buy a hyacinth to feed your soul."


Laurie said...

I'm at my dad's this weekend. It is about 30 degrees F, and was windy earlier, but is calm now. No snow on the horizon but in the mountains, that can change in an instant. I hope your weather improves soon.

I love that you decorate your house for the seasons. What a neat idea.

Dave said...

Very Cold and Very Rainy 8 inches in 7 hours. Just glad it was not snow and ice.

Now the sun has poked through the clouds and there is promise.

Kathy said...

I'm thinking spring! looking forward. We didn't get much rain here in California. The coldest it got here was in the low 40's.

(((Hugs))) Have a wonderful cozy day my friend.


Mary said...

Keep looking forward, Cuppa. March roared in for us, too, with tornados, flooding and power outages last night. It was a terrible mess, but your ice is the worst scenario. Stay warm and bring out daffodils! I'll work on my Spring theme in a few weeks. I'm ready. I like the photo of your holding your cafe mocha in the sunshine ;o)

karla said...

We were actually going to head to Ottawa last weekend to see if being there would have actually helped make Mark's new job decision. I guess Nate getting sick, the new offer in Toronto and that terrible weather was a sure sign moving to Ottawa right now was not meant to be.

karla said...

And is it roll up the rim time already?

Rhea said...

The lamb got really lion-y here yesterday in Boston. Subzero wind chills!!