Saturday, March 03, 2007

Snow and Hyacinths

We didn't get as much snow as expected yesterday, but it was more than enough for our poor backs to shovel! AC borrowed our neighbours electric snow blower to "shovel" the drive see picture here, and I cleared a path to the door. This pic doesn't really show you how much snow we got, but enough to completely cover the steps leading up to the door. Because of the icy drizzle we had before the snowfall the snow was heavy, heavy, heavy!!! Groan!

Snow Storm

Around supper time the sun actually came out so a faint bleating of the lamb was heard after the roar of the lion. We set off for a walk to enjoy the sunshine, but the roads and sidewalks were clogged with the thick, slippery, sloshy snow which made it too difficult to walk. We made it two doors down the street when our neighbour, who was just finishing clearning his drive, offered us the use of his snow blower. It was an offer we couldn't refuse, so we turned around and worked on the walk and drive instead of walking.

No icy rain hitting the window woke us up this morning, but we are getting "snow globe" snowfall right now. Very pretty I must say. This kind of snow will be fun to walk in later. Oh joy!

It is winter outside, but inside the hyacinth is blooming, filling the house with the delicious fragrance of spring. Snow and hyacinths, what a wonderful combination.


Laurie said...

You really did get a lot of snow. I bet spring will be beautiful in your area.

I am at my dad's this weekend and they don't have any snow. You'd think they would because they are at 5,000 feet, but there's nothing. It makes it nice for walks and adventures, but they really need the moisture.

Back home in the flatland (around 2,000 feet) there's nearly a foot of the heavy, wet, white stuff.

Mary said...

Living most of my life during snowy winters, I really do miss it. Of course, I don't miss the mess and the shoveling. What I miss is the wonder of it all and the feeling you get being so warm and cozy inside... I know this sounds crazy...

I am wondering when you will see Spring. It's already March, although I remember a few doozie snowstorms in March.

Cuppa said...

Laurie - love your pics of your trip to your dad's.
We sure did get a dumping of snow here, but a few mild days will take care of it in short order. Yep, spring is beautiful here and it is just around the corner.

Mary - It would miss the snow too. I love a big snowfall at Riverwood because up there we don't have to shovel any of it. The plough guy comes and clears the drive and that is all we need. Yahoo!

We snuggle down in the old farmhouse and enjoy watching the snow falling outside. The cold snow outside makes us feel all the cozier inside. Ah yes, the wonder of it all. That is the best.

March and April have been know to deliver some dandy storms in this area, but they are not the norm.

sare said...

Hello Sauntie!

I just had to tell you that yesterday was flip-flop weather here, we hadn't seen any sign of winter, and looks like its gonna pass us by altogether. I am NOT complaining. The trees are starting to bud here too... excitement!

Keep warm xoxo

Anonymous said...

Snow and hyacinth. It is a lovely image, though I'm ready now, for oh, say . . . hyacinth and daffodils and crocus opening beside the sidewalk in a strong insistent sun.

Cathy from Looking Up

Cuppa said...

Sare - oh I am so jealous! I still have my toes wrapped in wool and safely tucked inside lambswool sippers. Flip-flops are a long way off for me. Sigh!

Cathy - yes Daffodils and Crocus would be a welcome sight. Won't be long now.

Cuppa said...

Oops! That should be "slippers"