Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Holidays are such fun, but they are over too quickly, and oh the "thud" when we land back home. I am still trying to recover from my "thud" after Riverwood. I managed to get unpacked, caught up on the laundry and housework, but can't quite get into a rhythm of doing anything else. My spirit is still at Riverwood but my body is here and I can't seem to get myself together!

I know this sounds crazy, but just that short time away, and I feel a bit lost here again. I stood in the kitchen on the first night home and had to stop and think about where the silverware drawer was. I know I still have to dig around and search for seldom used pots and pans, but - the silverware drawer??? Good grief. I stood in the kitchen and had to re-adjust myself to my "new" surroundings again, and it was a strange feeling. So, I plod on and try to get back into routine and pick up the threads of my life in order to weave a piece of fabric out of all these little bits and pieces of my everyday.

I finished my book club book the other night, AWAY by Jane Urquhart, and it was another strange one. Not quite as out there as Green Grass, Running Water, but a bit strange in places. I found it interesting that the family moves to Madoc, a place we pass on the way to Riverwood, and it mentions lots of places in the area that we visit quite often. From Madoc the story moves to Belleville, Ottawa and Montreal. Also, all very familiar to me.

Urquhart is a poetic writer and some of her phrases are beautiful and memorable, but the story....well, it is a stretch at times.

One phrase at the end of the book jumped out at me and made the whole book worth reading though. "Be where I stand." What a waste life is if you are constantly "Away" wishing for something else. "Be where I stand" - and enjoy the life I have right here and right now.

Well, I must go "away" now. It is time for me to go pick up some loose threads, and weave a pattern into the tapestry of my life that I can only create today. Tomorrow different threads will be available so I must work with what I have today – today!

"Be where YOU stand" today, and enjoy what "is" right now.


methatiam said...

It is a nice sentiment, but I think I’ll be content with being where I sit.
By the way, I get that disorientation almost every time I go away on vacation. Enjoy it. It’s like coming into a brand new home that already has all the furnishings.

Gina said...

I agree with methatiam, don't be too hard on yourself. I have also had that feeling when getting back from a long vacation.

I'm off to grab my threads!

Nice to hear from you, Cuppa, I'm glad that overall you are dong ok.

Linda K said...

When we return from a vacation I also feel a bit cold in our home and I don't mean temperature. Thankfully, it doesn't last.

Linda K said...

Thank you for your note! To explain the "pig hunt from the sky" I first will tell you we live near a Federal hunting area in the upper part of a US Corps of Engineer lake. Some misguided person introduced feral hogs into the area. These hogs are very smart and prolific so they quickly became a problem in the valley. The government brought in a helicopter and sharpshooter to hunt them from the sky. Trouble is, there is so much cover it wasn't too successful as they only killed 25. It sounds gruesome, but they can become territorial and mean. It has become a sad situation in our sleeply valley.