Thursday, June 03, 2004

Stranger than fiction

Sometimes life is stranger than fiction isn’t it? I got a note this morning, from my daughter, who works in a retirement residence and she told me about just one of those experiences. Let me share it with you.

Good morning to you. I hope you're having a good one too because my day has not started off so well. Let me tell you what has turned out to be a remarkable story.

I was covering the front desk this morning when Mr. C, a wonderful old British gentleman, stopped by and asked me if I'd seen Mrs. E who is kind of a companion to him. They are both widowed and have become very close. He seemed a little concerned because Mrs E’s daughter had called him this morning to see if he knew where her mother was. She needed to talk to her mother and was hoping that Mr. C knew where her mom was.

He came down to the reception area to ask if I had seen her and I hadn't. Usually she'll call in to my office with a bright "Good Morning Dear" but she hadn’t done that this morning. I checked the book and she hadn't signed out either. I tried calling her room but no answer. Where could she be?

Mr. C said that he would try knocking on her door, and check the library, which he had done, already, but would do again. He came back down a little while later and said he'd tried to call and knock on Mrs E’s door, but still no answer. By this time I could tell he was very concerned and trying not to overreact. I told him that we'd track down a master key and go in and check to see if she was there and unwell, and I would call him as soon as I got someone to check.

5 minutes later an emergency call came over the radio for the DOC to go to Mrs E’s room. The nurse had gone in to check and found her lying face down on the floor beside her bed. It looked like she had suffered a massive heart attack sometime early this morning.

They called Mrs E’s daughter to tell her what had happened and she said that it almost wasn't a surprise because the reason that she was trying to get a hold of Mrs E was to tell her that her Sister had died in the night. Apparently Mrs E and her sister were very close. Totally amazing.

Yes, truth is stranger than fiction and it sometimes leaves us walking around with awe and wonder in our eyes.

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