Thursday, June 17, 2004

Relaxing and Remembering

Ahhh, the relaxing side of the wedding. Just like the relaxing side of Christmas,it is delicious to sit quietly now and let the sweet flavour and fragrance of memories permeate the present. I need time to reflect on the past weekend while the events are still warm and fresh,and will imprint vividly on my heart.

The wedding was as close to perfect as it could be. We couldn't have ordered better weather or a prettier spot for the nuptials if we tried. The Inn was enchanting and delightful under clear blue skies, and offered spectacularly beautiful backdrops that made for some wonderful pictures. The Bride looked absolutely gorgeous, she really did, and the groom was beaming!!!!!

Before the wedding I thought of trying to plan a little trip for us to take instead of coming right home, but I am glad that I didn’t do that. I need time now to recharge and refresh and it is important for me to sit still for a while to let everything sink in.

Right now I am sitting out on the back deck with my laptop on my laptop. I might not last too long out here, because it is a tad difficult to see the screen in this bright light, but it is such a lovely morning I don’t want to go inside.

We stayed in the Garden Room at the Inn, which was so pretty and comfortable and elegant, but it still can’t quite compare to the beauty of my own Garden Room right here at home. I might not have a Rock Garden complete with waterfall, outside my bedroom window, or a multi acre view of rolling hills and trees and ponds, from my kitchen window and front porch, but it still looks wonderful to me.

This morning the scent of roses fills the air here in my own back yard, and the perennial gardens are ablaze in purple, yellow and white flowers. What a treat for my senses.

Yes, today is a day for relaxing and reflecting and regrouping after the busy time leading up to the wedding weekend and then the weekend itself. I will stare off into space and then journal for a while and then maybe stare off into space again. I will let my thoughts go where the wind takes them today. The busy times make the quiet times all the more special. Balance is the key isn’t it?

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