Saturday, June 05, 2004

Joy in the morning

We had sunshine all day yesterday, so we got lots of work done in the garden and that made us both feel a whole lot better. Usually we have all our plants in by May 24th but that just wasn't happening this year. Time was moving along and we weren't!!! Sigh! So, it is nice to have the planting done and have it checked off our "to do" list. Finally! Rain and cold weather and travel have hampered our work in the garden this year, but now we are making some progress.

Never a dull moment around here these days though. After we did all the planting and transplanting yesterday we put the soaker hoses on in the garden last night to give everything a good drink. I made notes to myself to remember to turn the hoses off before I went to bed. Well, they would have helped me a lot if I had remembered to read the notes, but I didn't!!!! I rolled over this morning and looked outside and the birds were having a party in our backyard. They thought we had left the sprinklers on just for them and they were having a grand and glorious time playing in the water and enjoying an early morning shower. What fun! We have a lot of young Robins around that are just now leaving the nest, and we also have Mourning Doves, Sparrows , Cardinals, Blue Jays, Starlings and Grackles, a plenty. I think we had a few of each doing their morning ablutions in our backyard this morning. What a sight.

Right now I have a late riser splashing around in our bird bath. He must have slept in and missed the early morning shower call. Oh oh! Rocky, the cat, just came out the back door, and the mamma birds are starting to chatter at him. Fly babies, fly. The cat is in the garden!!!

Well, I must fly too and get busy with the rest of my day. I hope you have a nice one and find joy in spite of your mistakes today.

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