Wednesday, June 23, 2004

June Garden

Don’t you just love a June garden? There is nothing quite like it for freshness and beauty, that's for sure. Everything is still bright with newness - the grass, the leaves on every plant and tree, and the blooms on perennial and annual alike. All are alive with clear crisp colour.

The earwigs haven’t unpacked their bags yet, the black spot must be still cleaning its glasses because it hasn’t spotted the roses yet, and the burnt look or tired wilt that descends on the entire garden when a heat wave hits is still way off in the future. "Ah, the glory of the garden, it abideth not in words." (Kipling)

We went out for our after dinner walk last night and when we came back into the yard, J noticed that the first daisy had opened. Right on time for the start of summer. Amazing how those “flower clocks” keep perfect time isn’t it? I stand in awe of Mother Nature at times like this. Don't you? She is absolutely incredible isn't she? If only we could keep such perfect time.

Ahh, the flowers in the garden, don’t toil or spin. They calmly send their roots deep into the soil and quietly do their job - bloom when it is time; add beauty to the earth during their appointed season; bask in the sunshine when it shines; drink in the rain when it falls; rest when evening comes; bend with the wind, and then give back to the earth when they die

In this busy hectic world we can learn a lesson from the flowers in our gardens. Bloom where you are planted, in your season; add beauty to the world around you just by being you; then enrich your space by giving back to it and making it a nicer place to be as a result of you having been there. Embrace the sunshine and the rain, because we need a balance of both. During any dark night of the soul stand firm where you are planted - just stand. Learn to bend with the winds of adversity. Let them blow over and around you without uprooting you.

Send your roots down deep. Don’t try to cover every inch of ground in "your garden" with roots an inch deep and a mile wide. You will wilt in the heat of the day and be uprooted in the storm. Instead, send your roots down a mile deep and an inch wide. Lift your head to the sun when it shines; drink in the rain when it falls, and rest when you need to. This will allow your roots to go down deep and get the abundant moisture and rich nutrients waiting there for you.

Stand still and just be who you are, in your place in this world.
Bloom on!!!!

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Preach it sister!