Thursday, July 09, 2009

Weekend with the Grands - cont'd

Yes, she did just fine on her own and climbed right to the top platform without any trouble. She gave Buppa a few anxious moments when she got to the top, but she got on the slide and met him safely at the bottom.
Then she thought she would try to climb up the tube slide the other way. Didn't have too much luck with this though,
so she ran across the sand to the rocking toy but didn't spend much time there. Too tame for her I think
She wanted back on the swing, and this time it was Amma's turn to push her.
After all that activity in the sunshine it was time for a snack in the shade, so she joined Buppa in the gazebo for some goldfish and a drink of apple juice. After that little pick-me-up she had another session on the swings and then we set off for home. Even after all the waking to get there and the running and playing once at the park, she wanted to push the stroller home instead of riding in it. She walked almost all the way home, but half a block from the house she sat down on the sidewalk for a rest. We decided then that it was time to put her in the stroller and make her ride the rest of the way home. She didn't seem to mind at all. Her little legs must have been very tired at that point.

What fun to spend time at the park with her. Warm memories were made in the sunshine that day, and I look forward to making many more with her in the days to come.

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