Sunday, March 29, 2009

'Amma's BD Breakfast at the Sugar Bush

We went to Temple's Sugar Bush for a pancake breakfast this morning, and I think everyone else who lived in the area was there too. The place was packed! We had to wait a half hour for a table, but Daddy and Grandpa took Smudge to the Sugar Shack to play while Mommy, Grandma and CB waited for a table. CB slept soundly in his car seat the whole time, so we passed a pleasant half hour and the food was more than worth the wait.
We finally got our table and CB continued to sleep soundly.
We took lots of pictures and CB slept on.
It was pouring rain outside but we made our own sunshine inside. This was the first family outing to a restaurant with two babies and it was a huge success. Mommy and Daddy were both all smiles because both kids were being good as gold.
Smudge played with crayons and plastic cups...
....and when CB woke up, he was quite content to have a snuggle or two from Daddy then go back in his car seat and look around while we chowed down on delicious pancakes smothered in fresh maple syrup. Yum!
What sweet memories we made on this rainy spring day.

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