Monday, February 19, 2007


AC managed to post these pics for me last night, and now he is busy exercising so I have a few minutes on this laptop to add a word or two. Both of us trying to get time on this one computer is tricky to say the least. Slowly but surely AC is getting his files transferred over to my laptop and stored on the external hard drive, but it is very tedious and frustrating when his machine keeps crashing. It is going to the "hospital" tomorrow. Sure hope it won't be in for a long stay!

Anyway, on to important business. Butterfly's friends had a Baby Shower for her on the weekend and it was a heartwarming event. Old high school chums drove across province to share in the joy of this pregnancy with her, and friends and co-workers from the city gave up a Saturday afternoon to be there too. My wonderful circle of friends who had a Grandma Shower for me, also sent gifts to the Baby Shower. Last week, every time I went to the mail box it seemed like there was a gift there from an Auntie or out-of-town friend who couldn't make it to the shower but wanted to send a gift. Yes heartwarming indeed.

Butterfly has posted pics here on her blog and I have more ready to post tomorrow if AC can access them on his laptop tonight.

Delicious Shower Cake made by a friend.

Some of the gifts before the unwrapping

High school chums having a good visit

Oh so "Pretty in Pink"

Toys for the new tot

And we can't forget the Beautiful Hat picture.

That's it for now. Talk to you again tomorrow. I hope.


Mary said...

Butterfly is fortunate to have friends who care so much! Wow - I love the pile of gifts and it's been ages since I have been able to look and feel the baby stuff.

Have fun fun fun!

Cuppa said...

Thanks Mary - I will. It was total last Saturday that is for sure.

Cuppa said...

That last line should read "total fun" not just "total"! Sheesh!

Heather said...

That cake is DELIGHTFUL! Wow!

Looks like she got a great haul! I remember feeling overwhelmed with the goodness of people after showers like that.

ChrisB said...

What lovely gifts, having 'showers' is not big in the UK. I like the idea of gifts for gramdma.