Monday, February 05, 2007

Most Memorable Blog

Swampwitch over at Anecdotes, Antidotes, and Anodes has posted a list of bloggers participating in this week's Fun Monday activity - Most Memorable Post. Be sure to check the others out too.

Sharks, Loss and Snowflakes came to mind instantly when I saw the assignment for this week.

Start here with my blog Feeling the Sunshine Again to give you some background about what I was going through when I read Mel's blog, Sharks, Loss and Snowflakes and you can link to Mel from there.

Most Heartbreaking Post- We're Having a Baby It doesn't need any explanation, speaks for itself. Grab your kleenex.


swampwitch said...

I will be back to read, read, read. Thank you for participating in Fun Monday.

Karmyn said...

I do not have enough tissues for either of those posts.

Happy tears for a Life

Sobs for a Death -

Beccy said...

What moving posts, thank you for sharing them with us.

Leann said...

thank you so much for sharing with us I will be back to read more.I just wanted to drop by and thank you.and say have a day filled with Gods blessings and sunshine to warm your face, and a large helping of Gods amazing u.

methatiam said...

I had no idea you had gone through that scare; that was from before I was Blogging. I can’t imagine what that must have been like.

Mel’s post was truly wonderful; I hadn’t read that one before.

Most Heartbreaking Post – Amen to that.

Mary said...

Cuppa, I'm glad I have a box of Kleenex nearby. Your story is so honest and beautifully written. Thanks for sharing your grief, fears, and final joy! The link to "We're Having a Baby" did me in... I need to stop reading and save more for later :)

Cathy said...

Cuppa, I knew you could write, but the post about your cancer scare just knocked my socks off. I've just returned from a visit with my neighbor who at 50 is about to undergo a mastectomy and chemotherapy. She is so lovely, so serene.
My husband does breast biopsies here in Toledo. His most difficult moments are having to tell women that something looks suspicious and that further follow-up is required. He knows the anxiety they'll experience until the definitive studies come back.
You were so blessed to have AC at your side to share the worry and after long weeks of anguish the joy of 'feeling the sunshine again'.

"We're Having a Baby" was the bravest - most beautiful goodbye imaginable. I am undone by the love, nobility, courage and dignity manifest in such good people.

Cuppa said...

Swampwitch - glad you stopped by for a visit. It was fun to join you for the assignment this week.

Karmyn - Joy and sorrow all tangled up together.

Beccy - you are welcome.

Leann - thanks for the visit

methatiam - it was pretty scary indeed, but oh the joy at the end of the experience.

Mary - oh the heartache of losing a baby. Many tears were shed at this house too.

Cathy - thanks for your kind words.

Cuppa said...

Katharine - thanks for the comment you posted on my other blog. That is quite the poem isn't it?

I tried to link to your blog, but kept running into a problem there, so thought I would post a hello and thank you here in the hopes that you would stop by again and see it.

Granny said...

They're all lovely. I hadn't found Mel yet when she wrote her post nor you when you wrote yours.