Thursday, September 30, 2004

Cardboard and Cobwebs

Yes, I am still in the middle of my sorting and cleaning tasks and they have been consuming most of my time and energy. Yuck! We have made time each sunny day for a walk or a bike ride, but not much else. I have been in the cardboard and cobwebs for long enough though. I need a break!!!

I still have a ton of stuff to go through, but will put things on hold for now and come up out of the rubble in the basement to prepare for a little get-a-way to Riverwood for a couple of weeks. I so need a walk in the woods, the smell of wood smoke, the sound of the Loon, and the sight of the autumn leaves.

Riverwood is a 117-acre piece of property up North in the Kawartha Lakes that belongs to my sister. It has a river running through it, lots of old logging trails to walk along and open fields to saunter over. In the fall we crunch leaves under our feet as we walk along, and in the winter we snowshoe over the snowy fields and forest paths. Ahh, a little piece of heaven on earth in any season. Well, maybe not black fly season, but even then we have special bug jackets and pants that allow us to walk in the woods and enjoy the great out doors.

An old cozy farmhouse with a big country kitchen, offers a cool retreat in summer and a warm haven in fall and winter. There is nothing like going out for a walk on a cold autumn morning and coming back into the fragrant warm kitchen of the farmhouse. The smell of fresh brewed coffee and wood smoke greet you at the door and wrap you in a warm embrace. I absolutely love it there.

We not only get to enjoy the great outdoors while we are there, but also find time to read and write and just plain relax. We have dial up access to the internet, so we take our laptops with us and keep in touch with family and friends and the outside world that way, but there is no TV and when the phone rings, it is never for us. We can completely get away up there. Yes, heaven on earth indeed.

So, up from under the cardboard and cobwebs in my basement and off to Riverwood next week for a Canadian Thanksgiving celebration in the country. Delicious. I can almost smell the turkey cooking already. Pumpkin pie anyone? Everything tastes so much better eaten around that big old farmhouse kitchen table. Must be the love added to each dish when we gather together up there. MMmmmm good.

We had a bike carrier put on the car yesterday, so this year we will take the bikes with us and add that pleasure to all the others at Riverwood.

Must run now and get this house and garden ready to leave for a couple of weeks. The sun is shining today, but it might be cold and rainy by the time we get back, so time to put the garden ornaments away and get ready for winter.

I hope you get a chance to walk in the sunshine today and crunch a few leaves under your feet as you mosey along. Enjoy the day.

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kathy said...

Wow! this place sounds so lovely!