Monday, November 30, 2015

Back in business

I have been unable to access pictures for the last week or so, but I am back in business and ready to deal with a backlog of pics from the ATeam visit, and other things.  So, let's get started.

Loved a snuggle with my girl in her Chewbacca Coat.  She changed jobs this past year, and her old staff bought this coat for her as a parting gift.  How neat is that?

We enjoyed taking the ATeam on a tour of our small town. 

JJ is a Starwars fan, and he thought Auntie Ally's coat was pretty great.  I love this picture of them walking down the road together.

Time for another hug by the water's edge.
JJ didn't want to stay up on the hill.  He wanted to get right down to the water's edge and get his hands in the flow.
Catching up to the rest of the gang on our walk.  Dani fell and hurt herself, so we sat and rested for a while until her ankle felt better.  She was soon up and running again.

Mom and the girl enjoying the walk
Lots of gabbing along the way.
Ally venture up on the overpass, but the kids wanted to join her up there, so they didn't stay long.  I stayed down below and kept a watchful eye on them.
Down by the river there is a house with this mural on the garage wall.  Danica joined the man in the mural for a picture. 

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MARY G said...

Daughter time can be the best time of all, sometimes.