Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Autumn walk at the Mill of Kintail

Before our TG dinner, we make tracks for the Mill of Kintail for a walk in the woods.  It was a perfect day for crunching leaves under our feet while we explored the forest paths.
The leaf carpet was perfect...nice and crunchy
Lots of stops were made along the way to test balancing powers.
We also had to stop for hugs.   MMMMM, heartwarming.
Yes, lots of hugs were the order of the day.
A highlight of our walks at the Mill is always finding the `Three Bears`house tucked beside the path.
No bears were home that day, and Goldilocks must have been off raking leaves, so we made ourselves at home.
JJ climbed up into the loft and peeked out the window at Buppa
Both kids climbed up into the loft, but neither bears nor Goldilocks were up there either.
Lots of leaves were tossed up in the air with great delight.
Making a wish atop the Fairy Ring
Another picture at the end of our walk.
Time for a drink and a wee snack before heading home
Buppa and the Boy enjoying the day.


Anvilcloud said...

That was a good walk.

Regenia said...

Hi Sue! I've not had the opportunity to check your blog in a while. But I'm somewhat confined so far this morning, so I just got caught up. Beautiful pictures! I especially like the one of the mill as seen through the wheel. What a perfect Thanksgiving Day! Great weather and memories. And I can certainly see why the eye glasses were such a hit!!!