Thursday, January 22, 2015

Love this picture

AC continue his struggle to help me get pictures from my iPad to my blog.  It really shouldn't be this hard though.  I only had to go through about a zillion hoops instead of a kazillion hoops to access the picture below.  Sheesh! 

I used to carry my camera everywhere, then I switched to my iPod, now I carry my iPad mini, and snap pictures freely.  It has been very frustrating not to be able to access these pics for a blog. Sigh!

Onward and forward into this frustrating world of iCloud photos. At least we manage to access a picture here and there.  Here's hoping for and increasing flow in the future.  Wish me luck.
We treated the kids to a trip to Tim's for their after-school snack yesterday, and I managed to snap this pic of a big hug for Buppa.  


Regenia said...

What a bond they share!

MARY G said...

I've had mine almost two years and I still do not have it all understood. Grr.