Saturday, January 10, 2015

Getting the "cold shoulder" from my new iPad

No, I haven't been on Mars, but it feels like that at times when I try to make contact with my new iPad to post some pics on this blog.  My camera has been given a rest since getting my new iPod in May, and now my new iPad mini.  I have been happily snapping pictures all during the holiday season with my new toys, but darned if I can access them on my computer and get them up on the blog.  Groan!

After I got the iPod with a camera, AC figured out a way for my pictures to upload automatically to a file on my PC.  I could easily  access them when it came time to put a blog together, and I was a happy camper. 

Since getting my new iPad, my pictures seem to stay in the cloud up near Mars, and won't come down.  The iPod and iPad share pics, but I can't get them from there to my blog without going through numerous and complicated hoops.  Sigh!

AC worked diligently to access some pics for me, but what a pain that was.  I have over 200 fun pics of the holiday celebrations on my iPad, and I can't get them over here like I used to.  We will continue to work on it though.

In the meantime, here a three pics we took on our icy walk the other day.

Tree on our front lawn.
AC headed out into the snowy/icy cold, but I stayed inside the car at this stop, and took pics from that vantage point.
We spend lots of time on this bench in the summer months, sipping coffee, listening to music, and soaking in the beauty of life on the river.  
So, keep checking back to see if we finally mastered the puzzle of how to get my pics from the iPad to my PC.  If we can't figure it out soon, I'll go back to toting my camera around and leave the iPad at home.


Lorna said...

I empathize. I have a new phone which everyone who sees it says is wonderful, but there are days when I can't get it to produce an icon that looks like a phone or an envelope. It takes great photos, but only after I've taken several of myself unaware as well as a couple of the floor and the wall. Then I can't find the icon for the Gallery.

I will prevail. I hope it happens before the Apocalypse

Cuppa said...

Lorna - glad to hear I am not the only one challenged by these most amazing but frustrating gadgets.
Onward and forward....

Regenia said...

Hi Sue! I'm trying to catch up. Glad to see you had a great Christmas and New Year!

Cuppa said...

Regenia - Thanks for stopping by today. As you can see, I am having trouble getting pictures from my iPad to my blog, so blog posts have been pretty scarce. Hope to fix that soon.

Unknown said...

Ah, technology! It's supposed to enhance our lives and make quick work of the task at hand, isn't it? Once you figure it out, there'll be no stopping you I'm sure. At least you are learning and being pushed to expand your horizons lol! Good luck, I am sure you will figure it out and share your newfound knowledge with all of us.

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