Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Playner Mill

Once we arrive at Riverwood, we feel the quiet, calm magic of the place soak into our souls and we settle in for a good ol' relaxing time.

One of my favorite places to sit-a-while; sip some wine; read a good book; engage in stimulating conversation; or just stare into space, is the Playner old planer mill that has been converted into a screened-in play room.

Below is a picture of it snuggled down in the early morning mist.
Below is another shot looking at it from a different angle so we can see the old barn too. The farmhouse is out of the frame, but off to the left of the old barn in this picture.
Just outside the Playner Mill, we have this view of the swimming hole, or Benchsward. Thus named for the Friendship Bench that sits under the willow tree.
Below is a closer view of Benchsward. If you look closely, you can see me sitting on the bench looking across the water.
Below is what I am looking at from the Friendship Bench. The Playner Mill is on top of the cliff, just behind the trees you see in the right hand side of the picture.
Below is another view of the river from the Playner Mill area at the top of the cliff.
AC took some pictures of the inside of the Playner Mill to give you some idea of why I like to spend so much time there. I am in the shadows in the picture below, but the fabulous view is all around me. The door in the centre of this picture leads down to the swimming hole.The door in the pic below leads to the old barn, and you can see the white walls of the farm house peeking through the trees, just to the left of the old barn.
From where I am sitting in the picture above, if I look to my left across the room, I see the view in the picture below...
...and this one is directly to my left.
Below is the view straight ahead...
...and the view behind me. Yep, a spectacular view no matter where I look.
Below is a picture of my favorite spot to sit in the Playner Mill.
I gather my books, journals, ipad and art materials...
and settle in for the day.
It is hard to concentrate on anything but the view though.
AC came down to spend some time with me in the Playner Mill and snapped this picture through the screen...
...and this one through the open door.
Once I get there, I never want to leave. With my handy dandy iPad I can check mail, write a blog, or surf the net. Very little time is spent doing that though because reading books, writing in my journals, engaging in stimulating conversation and daydreaming are at the top of the list.
Ben chooses a lounge chair, and spreads out while he is reading.
I prefer to sit up straight and prop cushions all around me. MMMMM, comfy indeed,and easier to get at my wine this way.
Another favorite pastime is chewin'-the-fat. We do a lot of that and once again, the Playner Mill is the perfect spot for it.
Thanks for all your hard work Brian. You did a great job turning this old planer mill into the most fabulous Playner Mill. It's the BEST!


Mary said...

I could use some Riverwood air right about now. I'd love to cozy up out there with a blanket and book. Looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing these pictures.

Cuppa said...

Mary - we sure missed you that weekend at Riverwood. Hope you get there soon for some R&R.
Cyber hugs comin' your way, hope you feel them.