Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Everything old is new again...

Mommy has been sick for the past week, so JJ has been coming to our house for the day instead of us going there because we wanted to keep our distance from her nasty germs. Actually it has worked out quite well. JJ is a quieter soul than his sister ever was, and will sit happily on a corner of the carpet and play with one toy at a time. When he wants to get another toy out, he diligently puts the current toy away before he delves into the toy box for the next one. What a treat!

Today I dusted off the old Sesame Street village toy that is well over 30 years old now, and JJ had a grand time playing with it.
Bert and Ernie are missing, but Big Bird, Oscar, Gordon, Maria and Mr Hooper are present and accounted for.
Good old Sesame Street...everything old is new again.

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