Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Digs in Niagara

After about six hours on the road last Friday we finally reached our destination in Burlington and were quite pleased to see our digs for the weekend. We didn't know what to expect as the arrangements had been made for us, so we were pleasantly surprised to find this building right on the shores of Lake Ontario...
and we could enjoy this view morning, noon or night.
After we checked in we found our way to a bench by the water and soaked in the view.
What a beautiful spot.

The inside was just as pretty and inviting as the outside. Below is a view of the hall just outside our guest suite. The couch was right beside the elevator, so I guess it was there so we would be comfortable while waiting for the elevator to arrive.
The library was a bright room, with cozy reading areas like this one. It was about to get a whole new facelift though, so many pieces of furniture had already been removed to prepare for the renovations. I thought it looked fine just the way it was though.
Our entrance to the dining room set the tone for the warm reception we always got from the staff.
We were usually given a table by a window with a lovely view of the lake. The food was good, the staff friendly, and the coffee delicious. We had a Tim's right across the street from us, and we didn't visit it once. Amazing!Finally, a pic of our comfy room for the weekend. The kitchen area had everything we needed to make ourselves a late night snack or early morning cup of tea. The fridge was stocked with essentials, and there was a basket of fruit and munchies on the counter for us. Thanks Lakeshore Place for a delightful stay.

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Bernie said...

You and AC always seem to find the nicest place to stay. So glad you had a lovely time....:-)Hugs