Friday, March 21, 2008

Dolls and Dresses

We had lots of fun taking more pictures of The Smudge in the old pink dress the other day. Mommy and Grandpa had their cameras at the ready while Grandma bounced around with dolls and stuffed animals trying to make The Smudge look up and smile for the cameras.

This little bear always brings a smile to her face because it talks to her.

This picture really takes me back. Here is The Smudge, wearing Mommy's dress, playing with Mommy's old doll Saranella. AC posted a picture taken over thirty years ago, of Thesha with her new doll. HERE

She isn't quite sure what she thinks of this new dolly named Maggie.
So, that's the Smudge sunshine for today, and for the next few days. The A Team arrives tonight and will be here until mid-week next week. Lots of wedding plans to take care of, visiting to do, and a birthday party to celebrate so we will be busy, busy, busy for the next few days. I'll talk to you again at the end of next week.

Hope you have a Happy Easter and the sun shines on your corner of the globe wherever you are.


ChrisB said...

Beautiful as always.
Happy Easter to you and AC.

Cuppa said...

Chrisb - Thank you for the Easter wishes. We will have a great weekend with the A Team home for a visit.
Hope you have a good one too. Talk to you again next week.

Granny said...

The resemblance in those two photos is uncanny. Smudge grows more beautiful each time I visit here.

Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

I hope you all had a wonderful time!
I love to come over here and share your sunshine!

Cathy said...

Pink cotton candy. That's what comes to mind.

Hope your Easter and visit with the A-Team have been wonderful.

Kevin said...

I was wondering if you still might still have the SARANELLA doll

Kevin said...

I was wondering if you still had by some strange chance the doll SARANELLA????