Tuesday, April 01, 2008

More weekend pics

We took a plethora of pics on the weekend and I am having a hard time picking and choosing which ones to post.

This one has a lot of clutter in the background, but I love Smudge's hands in this one.

Easter baskets were opened and Smudge is showing Auntie her new dishes.

Great picture of the gang working in the kitchen on my birthday, while I sat in the living room sipping wine and playing with Smudge.

After all the fussin' was done in the kitchen, and Smudge was in bed, it was time to curl up in the living room and watch a movie. I couldn't resist taking this picture of the girls getting comfy on the couch.

One last shot of Smudge at the birthday breakfast. She was having so much fun and was delighting everyone near her. What a joy she is to be around.

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