Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What were they thinking???????

I woke up on this rainy morning with a headache. Don't like it at all when that happens. I rolled gingerly out of bed, grabbed my robe, and slogged my way into the den to see what AC was up to. I had a hard time focusing on anything but my pounding head, but after hellos and hugs I asked him if the A TEAM had posted a blog. He checked and oh joy, there was a new blog up. Oh heart palpitations as we read it. They trekked into the jungle and barely made it out alive. Puff's writing was very descriptive and made me laugh out loud – the second time reading it through! After the first reading however, I had to get up and walk away from the computer to catch my breath and calm down. I went to see AC for more hugs and then down we went to the kitchen for morning coffee. My head was pounding worse than ever now and felt like it was about to burst. I stumbled around getting juice and vitamins and fruit out while AC made oatmeal. We kept looking at each other and shaking our heads.

What in the world were they thinking to go into the jungle without a guide, proper maps, shoes that fit, or sleeping bags. Not only that, take the most demanding route to the furthest campsite and not to be registered anywhere. Oh dear, it just makes my stomach knot up. What were they thinking?

I can hardly stand to bowl for half an hour in rented shoes that are my size, let alone trek around in the jungle for three days in rented boots not in my size. Boots with holes in them I might add! What were they thinking?

I take maps when I go into the city with marked streets and lights and help on every corner. They had three scraps of paper, that I wouldn't begin to call "Maps". What were they thinking?

No sleeping bags! No sleeping bags!!! What were they thinking?

AC and I got through breakfast, shared more hugs and a few smiles of relief that at least the girls made it out alive and were writing about it with humour. We then went back to our respective writing nooks and work stations to check email and forge ahead into the rest of our day. AC had a violin lesson to get ready for and I had a "to do" list a mile long to tackle.

First things first though, I had to re-read the blog. This time through I was a bit calmer, and started to laugh out loud at the word pictures Puff drew. What a hoot it must be now for them to look back on it. I spoke to Butterfly after she read the blog and she said she was upset at first and then was caught up in gales of laughter over their antics.

I have to put an emergency call in to my hairdresser today. Order more of my hair dye in and better do it in bulk. I just got a whole new crop of grey hairs today and I have a feeling that more are to come before the girls return home early in December. Help!


Maya's Granny said...

The things that the young do! The thing is, you know you did things that turned your mother's hair gray as well. Or would have, had she known of them.

kathy said...

Cuppa i know exactly how you feel. I remember when i learned that my daughter went camping out in the woods with a heart sunk and i was afraid for them. What maya's granny said is true lol when we are young we live in no fear land.

Heather said...

Their post was amazing! But I can totally imagine what it must do to a mother's heart. Hopefully, now that they got that out of their systems, they won't look for too much life-threatening adventure on the rest of the trip. :-)

sare said...

Hahahah... poor mamma. I just read the blog - YIKES. You have some crazy girls on your hands, better get used to it.

Puff's writing is so entertaining :)

It was great seeing you all this weekend. How's the Kimono?

Granny said...

I remember when my older son was in his teens (yes I know your girl is older but some things never change).

I'd find out about some of his stunts that left me shaking.

Now I'll go find out what yours were up to.

methatiam said...

well .... puts my little week in an RV into sharp perspective.

Hug 'em or Slug 'em my uncle used to say when he couldn't decide whether to to be happy his kids were ok or angry at them for getting into it in the first place.