Friday, October 27, 2006

Falling leaves

The leaves are falling off the trees in the world all around me and my life feels rather scattered just like them right now. Don't quite know where to start to write a blog, so let me just pick up a handful of life leaves laying on the ground by my feet and press a few for my blog scrapbook.

Do you remember doing that for a school project? Leaves flattened between sheets of waxed paper and then pressed with a hot iron to transfer the wax to the leaves. How pretty they looked all flattened and coated with wax ready for the next step of the project.

Well, I have the waxed paper ready and the iron is hot, so let me grab a leaf or two and get them ready for my blog scrap book.


Poor guy has had quite a struggle for the past two weeks, but I think he is on the road to recovery now. Still not back on top of his game yet, but getting there. I don't want him to go near that hospital ever again. He was fine when he went in for the routine procedure, but picked up a dandy bug in the process and it knocked him flat.

A Team Adventures
Oh those girls are giving me more gray hairs everyday. I just finished reading their latest post and this leg of the trip doesn't sound like a fun one at all. I want them to COME HOME!

Book Club
I joined a book club last year as a way to make friends in this new location. I quite like the group of ladies, but I have struggled through some of the books let me tell you. Oh well, I am being exposed to different authors and that is good. I was quite distraught though when I discovered the book for this month. One Hundred Years of Solitude. Groan. I tried to read this book the year Oprah had it on her book club and I gave up about half way through. I couldn't keep the names straight and I was totally confused as to who was talking and what was happening.

The whole time I was reading it I felt like someone was playing a trick on me. I could hear the voices of the reviewers shouting out how wonderful this book was, just like the crowds had oohed and aahed over the emperor's new clothes. They kept raving about the wonderful outfits and I couldn't for the life of me even see a pair of socks, let alone the whole ensemble. He sure looked naked to me!

Sigh, now my own book club wants to tackle this book. Ok, I will give it one more shot. Maybe there is a pair of socks or necktie there after all. Well, I have been polishing my glasses, using eye drops and even resting with cucumber slices on my eyes from time to time, but darned if I can see those robes. Nope, they are just not there. The emperor is still naked.

Have you read this book? What did you think of it? Can you please explain it to me!! He is naked I tell you. Naked!

Well, time is marching on and I must be out the door in 20 minutes so have to run for now. Will post these leaves now and try to get to a few more later.

The sun is shining, so maybe I will make a detour on my way home today and go to the park to scrunch a few leaves under my feet and maybe pick up a few more pretty ones to press for my album.

Talk to you all later. Enjoy your day.


Anvilcloud said...

Perhaps we should scrunch some leaves together.

Heather said...

Nope, I haven't read it, but I won't be too quick to read it now that I've read your review.

Happy crunching! And while you're walking through the leaves, stop to look closely - chances are you'll see some ladybugs - they seem to love to hang out in piles of dry leaves.

Maya's Granny said...

Like Heather, I haven't read it and now I don't want to.

If he looks naked to you, he probably is. It is obvious from your writing that you are an intelligent woman and if the book confuses you, that is almost certainly the author's fault and not yours.

Cathy said...

Cuppa - A wonderful post and I'm so in sympathy about book clubs. I read very little fiction as like you - I resent having to slog through something I loathe. So - I'm in a short story club which at least has the advantage of not requiring a great time investment in something that is just dreadful. But, oh boy, do people reveal themselves when we start our different 'takes' on characters and events.

What a lovely recollection of leaf collecting. I hadn't thought about this process in years. Hope you find some glorious ones to brighten these days.
I'm unable to post a comment on Anvil Cloud's blog :0( I sure hope he's on the mend and I'm so pleased he's indulged himself with a new violin - I'm sure he has years and years ahead of making lovely music.

Lynn said...

I like the book, but I had read it after I read his Love in the Time of Cholera while vacationing on Aruba. Think of it as poetry. Look for the music.

Granny said...

I struggled through it and believe me it was a struggle. I ended up skipping entire paragraphs at times and dozing off at others.

I still have it here but I doubt that I'll try it a second time.