Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Such a nice surprise.

For years I have made Advent Calendars for Butterfly and Lady Bug to open during the month of December. After they left home I thought this would be a way of connecting with them when we couldn't be together physically. Over the years I have mailed these calendars across the province to Ottawa, across the country to Alberta, and around the world to Australia. Yes, they really did get around didn't they?

The calendars consist of a quote for the day, a little note from me and a treat- maybe a chocolate, or a toy or a Christmas decoration. The calendars are a lot of work to put together, but worth it and oh so much fun to open each day. What fun to know that we were all reading the same quote for the day, and enjoying the same type of chocolate, or hanging the same decoration somewhere in our houses. The one thing that was missing for me was the element of surprise. Because I had put the calendars together I knew what was coming each day but I still looked forward to opening the pockets, munching on the chocolate and reading my challenge for the day.

I just spent the last week working on this year's calendars, and Lady Bug's went in the mail yesterday.

I will hand deliver this calendar to Butterfly on the weekend but mine is in a state of disarray. Somehow in the upheaval of the move, I lost the felt wall hanging that I used for my Calendar. I think it got put in a box that went to the Goodwill by mistake, so right now all my quotes and treats are scattered around on a table waiting for something to put them in. Sigh. Oh well, I could just buy another calendar right? Wrong! Can't seem to find one anywhere. Drat!

This brings me to my nice surprise. We had Butterfly over for dinner last night and she brought a big gift-wrapped box with her.

It is too early for Christmas gifts, so I wondered what in the world was in the box. Yep, you guessed it, an Advent Calendar for me, and what an Advent Calendar it is too. I can't touch the gifts until December 1st, but I was allowed to open and hang the Calendar last night. She and AC went all the way to another town last week just to get this cute new felt wall hanging and then she gathered and wrapped all sorts of little gifts to go with it.

She also has little notes for me to read each day tucked inside each pocket, but the treats are too large to fit in the pockets, so they are all in the big box waiting for me to open starting December 1st. Oh, I can hardly wait!

Thank you Butterfly for this wonderful surprise. Sure warms my heart and makes me feel loved.


Heather said...

What a great tradition! It's neat that you send them out to them, and that you do one for yourself. I've been doing advent calendars for the girls too. Now that the older 2 girls can read, I should integrate your idea of having notes to go with the treats. And perhaps this year I should think of doing one for myself too :-)

Mel said...

That makes me want to cry! How special. (You did a fine job raising those kids . . . I can only hope I do half as well.)

Butterfly said...

Don't you just love it????


Gina said...

That is wonderful!

What a great idea, and obviously your daughters have noted all the love and time you put in to making them through the years.


Karla said...

What a great idea. I have never heard of an advent calendar quite so unique and fun like this.

I've just finished reading about all the specials treats that you have opened so far, and I'm hooked on the idea. I might steal it to add to our family traditions as well.

Fun! Fun! Fun!