Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Morning

We awoke to brilliant sunshine and clear blue skies this morning. What a wonderful gift to open from Mother Nature.

Before we even had our coffee, we put on our coats and boots and went outside to put our gifts around our “Christmas Tree” in Apple Blossom Meadow. I gathered all the parcels and trekked across the lane to the Meadow. We found an old apple tree and carefully draped the popcorn-cranberry garlands I made last week on the icy branches, and added slices of apple smeared with peanut butter to lots of nooks and crannies in the tree. The Chickadees flocked to the tree and enjoyed the feast. They didn’t even mind us standing there with our cameras. We took kazillions of pictures and wished them a Merry Christmas as they flitted all around us. It was marvellous. Hopefully Anvilcloud will post some pictures on his blog later in the day.

We then walked over to an old tree in the back yard and hung up a seed ball for the squirrels. I have a bag of apples to take out and leave on Riverside Ramble Trail this afternoon for the deer. What fun. After we hung the seed ball for the red squirrels this morning, we came back into the farmhouse and enjoyed hot coffee and toasted English muffins. Yum.

We are now listening to Christmas Carols on CBC while we sip our second cup of coffee and catch up on some writing. What a wonderful relaxed Christmas morning this is.

Hope the warmth of the season wraps you in its warm embrace today too. Snuggle down into it and enjoy.

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