Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Christmas Gathering

AC fell yesterday and hurt his leg, so we didn't snowshoe today, but we did take a jaunt down the road. Not quite as spectacular as our ramble along the snowy trail yesterday but still beat a walk along city streets by a country mile.

We stopped by the gathering place for the Old World Santas just across the road from the farm, and AC took a picture. I in turn took a picture of him taking a picture. Tee Hee! We both have lots of pictures of each other taking pictures. What fun. Anyway, when we got back to the farm AC helped me upload it to Hello and post it here. Seems a bit complicated, but I might get the hang of putting more pictures here eventually.

Right in the middle of the gathering was an old fellow who I thought looked a lot like a Gandalfian Santa. What do you think?

After our walk we had a yummy lunch and then went to town to get some groceries. Another marvellous drive with a special treat waiting at the end for us. The small town was wreathed in tall snow clad pine trees and Christmas music was playing outside on the street. I felt like I was walking into a postcard again.

We enjoyed walking around the town for awhile, then headed for home. I spent some time this afternoon making a popcorn-cranberry garland and tonight we are going to enjoy a drink of Bailey's and a chocolate or two while we watch the old Scrooge movie starring Alastair Sim. AC has the wood fire blazing happily so we will be snug and warm while we curl up to watch the movie. MMMmm good.

After the long blog I posted yesterday I think I will take pity on you today and keep this one nice and short. Treat yourself to something special and out of the ordinary tonight too and do something seasonal to lift your spirit.

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